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Park Street Shopping

So today I went shopping in Park Street in Bristol. It has some cute little boutiques that I've wanted to look in! So I got this beautiful red velvet cropped top with rolled up sleeves and I'm going to layer it with lots of metallic necklaces for a rock edge! Image 2 presents a cropped collared blouse with a print of New York buildings on it! Very urban and I've mixed it with a black diamante cross necklace for a Gothic look.

I apologise for the bad quality photos and moody looks from myself, they were taken on my iPod.

Hope you like!


Guten Tag.

So I went to Germany last weekend with my friend and grandparents! It was amazing - met some lovely people, ate some lovely food, went to some lovely places....

I took a few pics whilst I was out there, fashion related of course. I taught myself into creating a new messy bun look:

It might look a little standard but I have never been able to do a bun that I am happy with so I was really pleased with myself! I basically did a normal pony tail, then folded it over twice so I had a rubbish bun looking thing. Then I tightened it from the top which made it higher and I spread out the hair from the hairband. And WALLAH! I got this.

Here is my cute red/pink floral scarf from New Look. (Just a quick mention that Cher Lloyd also owns this scarf). I just wanted to post a photo of the way I have styled it - it's much more interesting than having it hanging down casually. I have basically knotted it but because it is such a long scarf it looks so affective. I also spread the material out a bit so that more of the pattern was revealed!

I painted my nails a glittery blue for a christmasy feel! The blue nail varnish is the brand '17' and the glitter varnish is Barry M. You may also notice that there is writing on them! My friend had just bought a white nail pen and we were having some fun playing with it. She wrote a name of all the people close to me on each nail which I thought was lovely. It came off after a few hours though which was a bit disappointing... My nails are starting to chip now though and it's only eight days from Christmas now so I'm going to paint them a glittery red! Loverly!

These are a new cute little pair of earrings that I bought for 4 euros at one of the christmas markets. I thought they were so cute! I also bought some little gold violins because I used to play the violin as a child so they were quite meaningful to me! I know these stars symbolise something but I'm not too sure what.. I'll have to find out.

I do apologise for this not very nice picture of myself but I wanted to show you my new scarf! I bought this scarf in a Zara in Germany for 20 euros. It feels so soft and it's a pretty pale pink floral pattern! Gorgeous!

This is my friend's new bag.. It was so beautiful and pretty! I really wanted to buy it myself but I've only just bought an expensive ted baker bag so I thought I'd better not!

This is me and my friend next to a lovely wood fire in the middle of a German street! I just wanted to show off my outfit if I'm honest. Here I'm wearing my knee length bright pink coat that I bought from House of Fraser a couple of years ago for £160. It is designed by Helene Berman. It is quite a statement piece due to it's shocking colour so the rest of my outfit is kept simple. I'm wearing black wooly tights with black ankle heeled boots (which you can't see in this picture) and my red/pink floral scarf just to pick up some colour from the coat. My lipstick was also a nice bright red to match the outfit!

Here I am wearing my new wooly, cream cosy jumper that I bought from a shop in Germany called Vera Moda - Alexa Chung is currently the face of this brand. It was 40 euros and I have accessorised it with a long pendant necklace!

This is the last picture I will share. My and my friend at our dinner table. Here I am wearing a vintage red blazer with gold buttons which is absoloutely stunning. It used to be my nan's but she doesn't wear it anymore so she gave it to me!! Love it! Underneath I'm wearing a leapord print dress with red lipstick!

So that is all I have to say about Germany! Hope you are all well, will post again soon!


Charity Shopping.

Recently I went charity shopping and purchased a lovely blouse!!

It was a cheap £3.95!! I love the collar detail on the blouse. It's too short to bow or anything though so I just leave it hanging which I actually think looks quite unique. I love charity shopping - you may be searching for ages but you always end up finding an amazing bargain in the end!


Where should one where perfume? Where ever one wants to be kissed. - Coco Chanel

Once again, I want to change my hair. Nothing too drastic. I really like the dip dyed affect at the moment. So I'm hoping to get my hair dip dyed blonde soon! When I get some more cash in my bank..

Gym Membership.


A gym that includes a pool, jacuzzi, sauna, steam room and discount on treatments. I'm so determined to lose weight, it's unbelievable. At the moment I am a size twelve - I want to get to a size 10 at least :( So I'm going to work my bum off for months. I hope. I really want to succeed at this. I was looking through some childhood photos of myself earlier and realised how slim I was as a child. This kind of got to me because I begun to wonder why/how/when I started to put on weight. Anyway, this has just made me even more determined. So far I've done a few gym sessions, a zumba class, an aqua aerobics class and been swimming. All in the space of a week. But I don't feel any different which is annoying. Will keep you posted on this! I'll leave you with a picture of Ed Sheeran. No reason really, just for the pure fact that I don't know what I would do without his music right now. I also took this picture myself!!!

Gemma xx

You have nothing to sell except for the image: the image is everything.

Whilst on a photoshoot with my friend, and model, Hannah, she offered to take some pictures of me as I've been wanting professional like images of myself for ages. So here is one: I know it's not great and I look moody but it'll do for now.

So, I watched Breaking Dawn Part 1 last week... twice. It's amazing. And may I saw Robert was looking fine. I love Twilight - it's such a beautiful story.

I went to London a month or so ago with a few friends to watch Bruno Bars perform at the O2 in Brixton, he was amazing. But whilst we were down there, we visited Oxford Street. Where I visited Topshop. Where I bought these stunning things for £58. But I did get discount because I work for Arcadia!

Also got these gorgeous loafers from Topshop for £52 as I was in need of a proper pair of black flats that are going to last me!

It seems that I'm loving Topshop shoes at the moment! Or just Topshop in general. I'm going to London AGAIN on Friday! Can't get enough of it! I'm visiting a few museums with my media class (there's only 5 of us including the teacher) and then we're going to spend some time in Oxford Street! (But don't tell my head master that). CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gemma xx

My Photography & Styling

Recently I have been doing photoshoots with a model I know for my coursework and portfolio. All images are taken and styled by myself.

Beautiful Song.

This is the most beautiful song ever. It means so much.

Shout Out

Just a quick shout out to Wez Merideth for loving my blog. x

Organising my own fashion show!

Soon I'll be organising my own fashion in connection to raise money for Oxfam. I have made a profile on the event that will be updated with the latest news. Check out:

The event will be based in Bristol so let me know if you're interested in attending or volunteering.

It's going to be a fantastic event and will look brilliant on CVs!!


Sixth Form Magazine

Yay! Finally, it has been decided that a group of sixth form students (including me) have been allowed to produce a magazine purely for Sixth Form students to entertain. It isn't going to be a standard school magazine. No way. This is going to have lots of fun pictures, quotes, reviews AND a fashion feature run by mee! I'm going to be deciding on a selected few males and females within sixth form who look particularly fashionable within the term the issue is going to be released on. I'll have a double page spread of a few outfits picked out by me with a short caption for each describing the look and where each item is from. How awesome is this going to be?! Uber excited.


New Boots for A/W!

I went shopping with mummy the other day and bought some new black boots! I had recently bought some black wedge boots from Matalan for £25 but after the third time of wearing them, the sole broke! Couldn't believe it! Anyway, that meant I had to get some new black winter heels. Working at Wallis, I'd noticed a new pair of boots we'd had in for £50 and since we were doing double discounts this week, I took advantage of the opportunity and bought them! £10 off isn't bad! Here's a picture of them..

Definitely be wearing these alot! Let's just hope these last longer than my other cheapish shoes do... After this day, I will be spending more on shoes though. I would definitely advise it to anyone aswell.


Bristol Fashion Week A/W 2011

So, I've just finished working for Bristol Fashion Week again! LOVEEEED IT!! Met so many amazing people and got to spend the evening/night with everyone involved! Amazing! Now, last time I bought some gorgeous new wedges for the summer that cost me £95. This time, I feel the need to buy some new black flats that are actually going to last me! I keep buying black flats from placed like Dorothy Perkins, New Look etc. and they only last me a couple of months. So I've decided to invest in an expensive pair of beautiful patent black PROPER brogues from Jones Bootmaker, at £99. Yes, pricey. But if they last me ages I don't care! As soon as my pay slip comes through, I'm purchasing them. Yay!

Hope all is well with everyone and I apologise for not posting much recently, been so busy with coursework and everything. I really must find some more time! I'll leave you with a couple of pictures from BFW.


London City!

I've arrived back from London and had a wonderful time. I bought some new clothes before I left, here is a picture of me wearing my new outfit:

blouse £35 Miss Selfridge, harems £10 Dorothy Perkins sale, shoes £25 Dorothy Perkins

I stayed at my friends' nan's house - it was very nice of her to let us stay. Many photo opportunities had risen whilst we were there and it was definitely a trip to remember. Also, I have new hair. I was a brunette, I am now blonde/ginger. The ginger wasn't intentional, but I still kind of like it.

Gemma xx

Thank you Accessorize, for these beautiful necklaces.

When I heard Accessorize were having a 50% sale, it wasn't long before I was checking out their stock. This little pendant necklace caught my eye...

What a cute little robot! So cool and quirky.. think I might have to get it. £8

This is also extremely cute! £6

Emma Watson

Who else thinks Emma Watson is one of the most beautiful girls on Earth? I just wanted to post some images of her to share the love...

Her pixie hair cut is gorgeee, wish I could get away with a style like that!

New Clothes Please!

I've finally managed to get a weeks work experience in the Wallis head office, YES!! So it's now time to purchase some new clothes.. The first thing I did was check out all the latest collections from Topshop (as I have a £10 gift card to spend there!), New Look, Warehouse, Miss Selfridge and soo on! As I'll be working in an office and meeting all of the top people in the fashion industry, I need to look smart, sophisticated, professional and fashionable all at the same time! Here are some garments I am pretty sure I'll be getting my hands on to meet these requirements!

This floaty, turquoise pleated maxi skirt is perfect for colour blocking and the unpredictable sunny days that we have left in England! A simple white shirt will be lovely with it - add a cool bag and killer heels for the perfect outfit! Find it at Topshop £45

This feminine nude blouse is sophisticated and oh so fashionable! A simple nude shirt with cheeky lace detail on the upper half! It can be dressed up or down, and would be perfect worn in an office. Topshop £50

When I saw this fit and flare dress, my jaw dropped. It just makes me want to mess around with accessories so much. It has a beautiful structure and perfect texture! The pleated skirt makes it so cute and feminine! You can team it with gorgeous jewellery of pretty much any colour - you can mix and match for a bold and quirky outfit or go classic with gold accessories. Flats or heels, day or night. This dress = perfection. Topshop £46

This burgandy military dress mixes feminine and masculine with a hint of vintage with its gold button detail. It will look lovely with gold accessories and a vintage-style satchel or shoulder bag. I can imagine it being worn with some cool, victorian inspired flats which will spice up the outfit! Perfect for those who love to be unique. It clenches in at the waist for a flattering silhouette too! Miss Selfridge £40

This stripe shirt is the perfect replacement of a classic white blouse. It's more beautiful and just as smart! Keep it simple with some gold earrings or add a small pendant long necklace to keep things cool! Gorgeous! Miss Selfridge £35

A blazer is an essential product needed in every woman's wardrobe who likes to be smart. This exclusive peach blazer is amazing! Personally, I like to dress blazers down, aswell as up, and this blazer is perfect for that. Such a classic and beautiful structure to fit every woman's body, it can't go a miss! And the price isn't too bad either. Miss Selfridge £48

This cool, seude brouge is perfect to let your feet recover from those killer heels you've been wearing all week! Best worn with vintage garments. New Look £24.99

I've been searching for a cheaper version of real brogues for ages and now I've found some! They're smart and formal but so cool and unique. I have to get these! New Look £24.99

London College of Communication Exhibition.

I attended the London College of Communication Exhibition yesterday as I modelled for one of the students who based her project on a skin condition called Vitiligo. She was advertising for models with the skin condition, to which I contacted her. I then went on to stay in London with her for a couple of days (which was amazing because I LOVE London!!) where she took the images.
I found the exhibition so interesting, and I noticed there were so many different fashions around - all of the students and visitors all dressed amazingly which isn't something I see very often back in Bristol.
The feedback I received from the project I had gotten involved with was brilliant, and I was able to meet people with the skin condition too. I had never met anyone with it before so it has made me feel much more happier in myself. For more information on Vitiligo, if youre interested, visit


Bristol Fashion Week

Bristol Fashion Week is unfortunately over, but what an amazing experience I had. I helped from start to finish, organising the garments and playing the role of a dresser during the shows. I learnt so much from the opportunity and would love to do it all again, hopefully I'll be able to work for the A/W season later on in the year. Although it's true what they say about it not being glamorous back stage, the buzz was brilliant. I also got to see the role of a stylist, and what their responsibilities are. This was a great interest to me as fashion styling is a career I am interested in going down. Here are a few images to reflect back to Bristol Fashion Week, found on

Sky high.

For the summer, I would really like to buy myself a lovely pair of wedges & shoes with a thick heel. Here are some beautiful pairs from various different brands:
Topshop £70

Schuh £75

Schuh £68

Red Herring (Debenhams) £35

Red Herring (Debenhams) £40
© Gemma Carey

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