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Fashions fade, style is eternal.

So, I went shopping today in hope that I would find some lovely brown ankle boots and tan boat shoes. I succeeded with the boots, but unfortunately not the shoes. However, after doing a little research I now know where to find those cute boat shoes. And that is Urban Outfitters. Here is an image of the shoes I wish to get.
So anyway! I got to the mall. First stop: New Look. One of the first mannequins I noticed had this gorgeous blouse (and I LOVE blouses at the moment)! The buttons were done up to the top (a style I am also in love with at the moment) and it was accessorised with this beautiful vintage-looking clock necklace. I literally couldn't resist... I picked up my size of the blouse and one of the necklaces, took them to the changing room, and was pleasantly suprised by the result. I genuinely fell in love right then for a moment. Without any form of hesitation, I was at the til. So I was all vintaged up, and was feeling some more vintage-inspired pieces so I was searching for some brown ankle boots when I came across a gorgeous victorian-style pair. Here are a couple of images of me holding them:

And here is a picture of me with the clock necklace. I have wanted one for so long but they tend to be quite expensive. This one was only £5.99 and I loved it so I went for it and purchased the item.

My next stop was Topshop, one of my favourites stores of all time. I came across a top that could be buttoned to the top, just like the blouse I had just purchased. I also thought that this top would look lovely with my new necklace so after trying it on and feeling satisfied with it, I rushed to buy it. I literally did rush because I was due in work in ten minutes time. I got my 25% off too as Topshop is part of the same company I work for (Wallis) called Arcadia. So that was a bonus really. Here's a couple of pictures of me wearing the top and necklace:

As it's a sleeveless top, and it is currently winter, I thought I should probably consider what I am going to pair with it. So I thought this nude cardigan would look nice:

I will post a picture of the blouse too, I just haven't got round to taking a picture yet.
So that was my shopping spree. Hope you like my purchases as much as I do!


The stylist that influences me.

Grace Woodward... one of the most successful stylists in the industry, working for X Factor. Oh, how I wish I had her job. Grace is the kind of woman whom encourages me to work even harder for my job in styling. I'm always hearing it is a competitive industry, and you will have to work for free in the beginning. I am aware of all this, and never have I thought of giving up, because it really is my dream job and I refuse to give up. But it's stylists like Grace that remind me there is luck in the industry, and with the right skills and determination, I can make it. I refuse not to. Here is a lovely picture of Grace, beside a really cute dress...


Ugly shoes?

Lets be honest, not many people like Dr. Martens. They are often described as 'disgusting' and 'manly'. But I strongly disagree. Especially after seeing this pretty floral pair! I really, really want them... & I don't care what my friends think. I guess I understand why people don't like them, but they're probably just referring to the plain black pair. Nowdays, you can get so many different styles. My favourites are the bright pink and this floral design. They are also good quality, comfortable and sends out a "I don't care what people think of me" message, which is a very positive attitude to possess. So basically, I'll be saving up for these beautiful things! And maybe after you've read this, you will be too...


New year, new blog.

So, its 2011 and I have decided to create a personal blog. Before I begin posting, I'll tell you a little about myself. My name is Gemma Carey, incase the title hadn't occured to you. I am sixteen years of age, with long brown hair with some blonde highlights.. although I do hope to dye it blonder soon. I attend sixth form, studying Photography, English Lang&Lit, Business BTEC and Media Studies. I wish I took Textiles now though... My life pretty much revolves around fashion. Fashion is my life. I buy too many magazines, ranging from Company to Vogue. I am always trying to get more work experience within the industry. I would love to be a stylist when I'm older, and it will happen. I will have to live in London, most likely take out a loan, become poor... but do you know what? Aslong as I'm happy, I don't care.
I live in a small village in Bristol at the moment, can't wait to turn 17 so that I can start driving. As soon as I do, I'm off to London every other weekend! I love London so much - the shops, the different styles of people, the transport, the atmosphere... I just love it! It's a shame I live so far away, really. I also really love photography, my favourite is obviously fashion. My favourite photographer is Rankin, his work is beautiful.
So I think that's enough for an introduction of myself, you will learn more about me as I post more things.

© Gemma Carey

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