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So, I went shopping today in hope that I would find some lovely brown ankle boots and tan boat shoes. I succeeded with the boots, but unfortunately not the shoes. However, after doing a little research I now know where to find those cute boat shoes. And that is Urban Outfitters. Here is an image of the shoes I wish to get.
So anyway! I got to the mall. First stop: New Look. One of the first mannequins I noticed had this gorgeous blouse (and I LOVE blouses at the moment)! The buttons were done up to the top (a style I am also in love with at the moment) and it was accessorised with this beautiful vintage-looking clock necklace. I literally couldn't resist... I picked up my size of the blouse and one of the necklaces, took them to the changing room, and was pleasantly suprised by the result. I genuinely fell in love right then for a moment. Without any form of hesitation, I was at the til. So I was all vintaged up, and was feeling some more vintage-inspired pieces so I was searching for some brown ankle boots when I came across a gorgeous victorian-style pair. Here are a couple of images of me holding them:

And here is a picture of me with the clock necklace. I have wanted one for so long but they tend to be quite expensive. This one was only £5.99 and I loved it so I went for it and purchased the item.

My next stop was Topshop, one of my favourites stores of all time. I came across a top that could be buttoned to the top, just like the blouse I had just purchased. I also thought that this top would look lovely with my new necklace so after trying it on and feeling satisfied with it, I rushed to buy it. I literally did rush because I was due in work in ten minutes time. I got my 25% off too as Topshop is part of the same company I work for (Wallis) called Arcadia. So that was a bonus really. Here's a couple of pictures of me wearing the top and necklace:

As it's a sleeveless top, and it is currently winter, I thought I should probably consider what I am going to pair with it. So I thought this nude cardigan would look nice:

I will post a picture of the blouse too, I just haven't got round to taking a picture yet.
So that was my shopping spree. Hope you like my purchases as much as I do!


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