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New year, new blog.

So, its 2011 and I have decided to create a personal blog. Before I begin posting, I'll tell you a little about myself. My name is Gemma Carey, incase the title hadn't occured to you. I am sixteen years of age, with long brown hair with some blonde highlights.. although I do hope to dye it blonder soon. I attend sixth form, studying Photography, English Lang&Lit, Business BTEC and Media Studies. I wish I took Textiles now though... My life pretty much revolves around fashion. Fashion is my life. I buy too many magazines, ranging from Company to Vogue. I am always trying to get more work experience within the industry. I would love to be a stylist when I'm older, and it will happen. I will have to live in London, most likely take out a loan, become poor... but do you know what? Aslong as I'm happy, I don't care.
I live in a small village in Bristol at the moment, can't wait to turn 17 so that I can start driving. As soon as I do, I'm off to London every other weekend! I love London so much - the shops, the different styles of people, the transport, the atmosphere... I just love it! It's a shame I live so far away, really. I also really love photography, my favourite is obviously fashion. My favourite photographer is Rankin, his work is beautiful.
So I think that's enough for an introduction of myself, you will learn more about me as I post more things.


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