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I was reading the latest issue of Elle Magazine today and was particularly intrigued by the article 'Do you really need a life plan?' I have pretty much planned out my life to try and achieve my career in fashion but this article discusses whether we should or not. One of the quotes from the article is, "To stick to a plan you made in your past is to be held hostage by a person who isn't you anymore". And although I don't plan on changing my mind on becoming a stylist, I thought that maybe I shouldn't plan my years ahead in terms of University and living in London. To be honest, I don't have a definite decision on where I am going to take my life when I finish Sixth Form but I definitely have some ideas and would love for them to come true. But what if it doesn't work out? I should have a backup plan. I'm so hooked up on becoming an employee within fashion, aware of its competitiveness but my determination has made me believe that there is nothing else I would like to do. And there isn't really. But basically, where I am going with this, is that I should decide on another career that I would also enjoy. I don't know... but the article definitely encouraged me to think further into my life. So, thank you Elle.


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