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Where should one where perfume? Where ever one wants to be kissed. - Coco Chanel

Once again, I want to change my hair. Nothing too drastic. I really like the dip dyed affect at the moment. So I'm hoping to get my hair dip dyed blonde soon! When I get some more cash in my bank..

Gym Membership.


A gym that includes a pool, jacuzzi, sauna, steam room and discount on treatments. I'm so determined to lose weight, it's unbelievable. At the moment I am a size twelve - I want to get to a size 10 at least :( So I'm going to work my bum off for months. I hope. I really want to succeed at this. I was looking through some childhood photos of myself earlier and realised how slim I was as a child. This kind of got to me because I begun to wonder why/how/when I started to put on weight. Anyway, this has just made me even more determined. So far I've done a few gym sessions, a zumba class, an aqua aerobics class and been swimming. All in the space of a week. But I don't feel any different which is annoying. Will keep you posted on this! I'll leave you with a picture of Ed Sheeran. No reason really, just for the pure fact that I don't know what I would do without his music right now. I also took this picture myself!!!

Gemma xx

You have nothing to sell except for the image: the image is everything.

Whilst on a photoshoot with my friend, and model, Hannah, she offered to take some pictures of me as I've been wanting professional like images of myself for ages. So here is one: I know it's not great and I look moody but it'll do for now.

So, I watched Breaking Dawn Part 1 last week... twice. It's amazing. And may I saw Robert was looking fine. I love Twilight - it's such a beautiful story.

I went to London a month or so ago with a few friends to watch Bruno Bars perform at the O2 in Brixton, he was amazing. But whilst we were down there, we visited Oxford Street. Where I visited Topshop. Where I bought these stunning things for £58. But I did get discount because I work for Arcadia!

Also got these gorgeous loafers from Topshop for £52 as I was in need of a proper pair of black flats that are going to last me!

It seems that I'm loving Topshop shoes at the moment! Or just Topshop in general. I'm going to London AGAIN on Friday! Can't get enough of it! I'm visiting a few museums with my media class (there's only 5 of us including the teacher) and then we're going to spend some time in Oxford Street! (But don't tell my head master that). CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gemma xx

My Photography & Styling

Recently I have been doing photoshoots with a model I know for my coursework and portfolio. All images are taken and styled by myself.

Beautiful Song.

This is the most beautiful song ever. It means so much.

Shout Out

Just a quick shout out to Wez Merideth for loving my blog. x
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