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So I went to Germany last weekend with my friend and grandparents! It was amazing - met some lovely people, ate some lovely food, went to some lovely places....

I took a few pics whilst I was out there, fashion related of course. I taught myself into creating a new messy bun look:

It might look a little standard but I have never been able to do a bun that I am happy with so I was really pleased with myself! I basically did a normal pony tail, then folded it over twice so I had a rubbish bun looking thing. Then I tightened it from the top which made it higher and I spread out the hair from the hairband. And WALLAH! I got this.

Here is my cute red/pink floral scarf from New Look. (Just a quick mention that Cher Lloyd also owns this scarf). I just wanted to post a photo of the way I have styled it - it's much more interesting than having it hanging down casually. I have basically knotted it but because it is such a long scarf it looks so affective. I also spread the material out a bit so that more of the pattern was revealed!

I painted my nails a glittery blue for a christmasy feel! The blue nail varnish is the brand '17' and the glitter varnish is Barry M. You may also notice that there is writing on them! My friend had just bought a white nail pen and we were having some fun playing with it. She wrote a name of all the people close to me on each nail which I thought was lovely. It came off after a few hours though which was a bit disappointing... My nails are starting to chip now though and it's only eight days from Christmas now so I'm going to paint them a glittery red! Loverly!

These are a new cute little pair of earrings that I bought for 4 euros at one of the christmas markets. I thought they were so cute! I also bought some little gold violins because I used to play the violin as a child so they were quite meaningful to me! I know these stars symbolise something but I'm not too sure what.. I'll have to find out.

I do apologise for this not very nice picture of myself but I wanted to show you my new scarf! I bought this scarf in a Zara in Germany for 20 euros. It feels so soft and it's a pretty pale pink floral pattern! Gorgeous!

This is my friend's new bag.. It was so beautiful and pretty! I really wanted to buy it myself but I've only just bought an expensive ted baker bag so I thought I'd better not!

This is me and my friend next to a lovely wood fire in the middle of a German street! I just wanted to show off my outfit if I'm honest. Here I'm wearing my knee length bright pink coat that I bought from House of Fraser a couple of years ago for £160. It is designed by Helene Berman. It is quite a statement piece due to it's shocking colour so the rest of my outfit is kept simple. I'm wearing black wooly tights with black ankle heeled boots (which you can't see in this picture) and my red/pink floral scarf just to pick up some colour from the coat. My lipstick was also a nice bright red to match the outfit!

Here I am wearing my new wooly, cream cosy jumper that I bought from a shop in Germany called Vera Moda - Alexa Chung is currently the face of this brand. It was 40 euros and I have accessorised it with a long pendant necklace!

This is the last picture I will share. My and my friend at our dinner table. Here I am wearing a vintage red blazer with gold buttons which is absoloutely stunning. It used to be my nan's but she doesn't wear it anymore so she gave it to me!! Love it! Underneath I'm wearing a leapord print dress with red lipstick!

So that is all I have to say about Germany! Hope you are all well, will post again soon!


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