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Day Five: Bliss Magazine

Last day! I'm pretty sad about it because it's been great working for the magazine but I was looking forward to getting home, I must admit. Today's tasks were really fun and exciting actually...

I was asked to write 20 questions for an interview with Amy Childs!!! Unfortunately I didn't get to ask the questions to her myself though. The interview was about her debut fragrance. Also, apparently she's exactly the same in real life than she is on TV. And apparently the word "honey" gets really annoying after a while.

Amy Child's debut fragrance £20

The magazine have an article called Style Stalk. This is where they go out into town and take pictures of teenage fashionable girls. So I got to do this with another one of the work experience girls. We went out to town with a camera, consent forms and one other form where we could write down where their clothes were from and where we'd write the answer to one question. An example of one of the questions we may ask is, "what's your favourite A/W 12 trend?" This was quite nerve racking at first because we had to approach random girls. But after a couple, it became really fun.

For your chance to be on the Style Stalk page, spend your Friday afternoon in Kent, Tunbridge Wells shopping town. But make sure you're outside because we aren't allowed to take photos inside the shopping center!

When I got back to the office, the Picture Editor took a photo of me by a backdrop and professional lighting to use for my magazine review on my tweezers! Woo, so exciting! Afterwards, I was given a goodie bag and said my thank you's and goodbyes.

My Bliss goodie bag filled with a book and lots of beauty products including nail varnish, lip balm, nail files and blusher
So, that was my week. Really enjoyed it overall, I can't complain about the printing because it's what I have to expect and I was so lucky for the opportunity anyway. If you fancy a week or two at Bliss, log on to the website , followed by contact us. Hope you enjoyed reading about my fantastic week at Bliss!


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