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Day One: Bliss Magazine

Outside the Bliss office
I have to admit, I was scared to walk in the office for the first time. But after seeing the building for the first time that morning, I was even more scared!! It's massive! So I walked through the long drive way and made my way to reception. "Hi, I have work experience with Bliss Magazine," I said to the receptionist, hardly believing the words myself. I followed the directions he gave me to get to the floor I needed to be on and there I was greeted by the Fashion and Beauty Assistant, Holly. The girl I had been emailing about the work experience. She was young and reminded me of myself a little. She wore fucshia pink skinnies with a white peplum top - bang on trend. She escourted me to my very own desk with my very own mac and telephone.

My first job was to flick through 3 of today's newspapers and identify news that would be relevant to Bliss. This includes celebrity news, fashion and beauty news, teen stories and funny stories. I then did the same on a few websites such as My second job was pretty scary at first. I was asked to ring lots of Fashion PR's for brands such as Apricot, Pilot, F&F at Tesco, and much more! I was to ask them how they wished to be credited in the magazine. I had to ring about 15 PR's altogether. After a few, I got the hang of it but was pretty scary at first!

One of the competitions they had on this week was to become a supermodel and win a model contract with Select Agency. So as you could image, there were a lot of applications being e-mailed through. My job was to print off ALL of these applications. Not the most fun job, but you have to expect these kind of jobs when doing work experience - especially in an office.

The one worker I couldn't keep my eyes off was the Fashion and Beauty Editor, Fatima. Her pictures are all over the magazine and I just felt like I was looking at a celebrity!

Overall, my first day was interesting and insightful. I got to meet the workers, see the amazing office, learn its environment and had an idea of the kind of jobs I would be doing. Keep coming back to my blog to see what I did for the rest of the week!


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