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Day Two: Bliss Magazine

Back in the office on day two and my first job is rather exciting! I had to write some cool sentences to partner with a number of beauty products. Unfortunately, I didn't think to send them to myself because I soo wish I had a copy of my writing :( but nevermind. So for example, if I had a mascara, I would write a sentence like, "Apply for ever lasting mascara for fun and flirty lashes". I had to do this for other products; nail files, nail varnish, lip stick, blusher and much more. I found this task really fun!

There was a delivery from a couple of retailers this day so I unpacked the packages and hung up the clothes that were within them. Sounds like a boring job and it didn't take long but it gave me a chance to see the wardrobe, which wasn't as exciting as I was expecting to be honest. (Nothing like the image I've posted - I found that on Google, posted it for effect, ha). And for the rest of the day, I continued printing off model applications, hoping tomorrow's tasks would be a little more exciting.


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