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1920's Inspiration

I don't know if anyone has noticed but we're getting little tweaks from the 1920's creeping back into our wardrobes! Think feathers, pearls, low necks, embellishments, waves and faux fur! The cloche hat is one of Radley's statement pieces this season, and Accessorize are heaving with embellished headbands. My work Christmas meal this year has a 1920's theme, so not only would it be great for me to do some research on this era of fashion, it would also be great for you guys to see what the 1920's women used to wear so your set and ready for when the trend is all over the runways! These dresses aren't 100% 1920's but it was the closest that I could find on the high street at the moment!

Burgandy Dress: Oasis £60
Black T-Bar Shoes: Dune (Hush Puppies are a great brand for a real 1920's style shoe with a round toe and a curved small heel)
Hair Clip: Accessorize £12 (Fancy accessorizing your 1920's waves? Feathers and embellishments are a must!)
Cloche: Accessorize £28 (The new winter hat!)
Black Faux Fur Cape: Miss Selfridge £35
Silk Long Black Gloves: John Lewis £12 (The ladies couldn't go on an evening out without their long gloves!)

Another trend staple is PEARLS. The 1920's wouldn't be the 1920's without their pearls. Stack 'em, layer 'em, the more pearls the better! Even if you don't have a 1920's dress, all you need to achieve the look is an embellished headband, small heels, statement jewels and waves in your hair! Good luck :)

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Vintage Fair & 50's Hairstyle

The other day I went to a Vintage Fair in Bristol that was recommended to me and I absolutely loved it!!! I bought some cute vintage jewellery and had my hair styled in a 50's hairstyle! Check out the pics! 

Stunning vintage dress on a mannequin
Vintage shirts colour coordinated
Gorgeous vintage broaches
Me & my mummy loved this bag!
Hundreds of vintage broaches and accessories
Beautiful wedding cakes
Vintage wedding accessories
Me getting my hair done!
The finished look!
The back.. look how complicated it is!
Absolutely love it - it's so cool and I wish I could do it myself! :(
Some business cards I picked up!
I bought this beautiful vintage broach (£6) for my Topshop boyfriend coat. 
Amazing earrings £2 from The Prettiest Things

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Interview With A Vintage Enthusiast

I attended a Vintage Fair 2 days ago (which I will be posting about shortly), so I decided to do an interview with my lovely friend, Louisa Merchant-Locke, who is a huge vintage enthusiast. Huge thank you to Lou for taking out the time for this interview!

1. How long have you been charity shopping?
About 10 years. I was never interested when I was younger - not sure why. Typical misconceptions about buying second hand probably.

2. What is your fave vintage buy?
In terms of dress up - my black Chinese dress would be up there - it always attacks attention. Accessories wise, definitely my black "Maggie Thatcher" bag.

3. Ever had any problems with vintage purchases?
Yes! I bought a gorgeous purple suede pair of long boots and I was in such a rush to beat another lady to them that I stupidly didn't try them on and they were 2 left feet. I realised after 10 minutes of wearing them on a night out and it cost us £120 as we stayed in the Hotel Du Vin all night because I couldn't walk!

4. Vintage enables you to buy more and spend less - would you agree?
It does but you have to have a balance and not just buy quantity. I love to have a massive selection to pick from - it's not right in that space is a massive issue in our house! But it does save you loads (but again only if it's something you really want).

5. What would you say to a younger person encouraging them to charity shop?
Keep an open mind - if you are a charity "virgin" - try St Peters Hospice that are lovely bright shops. They really merchandise what they have and make the whole shopping experience really nice - like a full price shop. Also - try the shops in more affluent areas. Richer people have a higher turn over of designer clothes - you can find some real treasures!

6. How would you describe your style?
Probably Audrey Hepburn meets Carrie Bradshaw! I love "playing" with fashion and always pushing the boundaries but I like classic pieces too such as a gorgeous set of pearls, a statement blazer or a gorgeous evening dress. I wore a red tutu with a twinset cardi on my 2nd date with John and he's still with me! I like to think that I will always dress up. I don't want to conform to a certain way of dressing. It's fun to go against the grain! And I love the romantic element of vintage - wondering who wore and loved it (and to where) before I found it! Finding that perfect one-off is a great feeling!


Give us a comment if after reading this interview, you are feeling inspired to start charity shopping! We'd love to know what impact this has on my audience :) thank you!

Elegance & Simplicity

Alexander McQueen embroidered flower brocade dress £9,530
Charlotte Olympia candice crystal pompom silk sandals £595
Kenneth Jay Lane rhodium-plated cubic zirconia clip earrings £150

I am in love with this beautiful Alexander McQueen dress. This outfit is all about elegance and simplicity - a pair of of dazzling diamond earrings are the only accessory needed to complete this look. All from NET-A-PORTER.

Alexander McQueen Dress
This icy lilac dress wowed the front row with its textured-brocade and hand-embroidered metallic blooms.

Charlotte Olympia Shoes
Olympia's fabulously playful blush-pink 'Candice' sandals are loved for the delicate tullepompoms, dusted with shimmering Swarovski crystals.

Kenneth Jay Lane Earrings
Charming the fashion world with his glamorous creations, and these rhodium-plated cubic zirconia clip earrings beautifully showcase his covetable signature look.

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Halloween Inspiration

Looking forward to Halloween but not particularly keen on dressing up as a ghost or a zombie? I'm one of those people! So I've been searching for dark/Gothic Halloween clothes, make-up and accessories so I can achieve a stylish but spooky look! Think, "wow, I love your Jeffery Campbell studded killer wedges!", rather than, "wow, that blood on your face looks so real!" I know which one I'd rather hear... Hope you like!

Lips in Wicked @ Topshop £9
Silver tone encrusted bug brooch @ River Island £7
Damsel spike boots @ Jeffery Campbell £129
Dark red lace mini bodycon dress @ River Island £28
Flower paper false lashes @ Claire's Accesories £5.50
Nails in Panther @ Topshop £6.50

Tomorrow I'll be posting an interview with my friend, Louisa who is a lover for vintage fashion and charity shopping! She'll be joining me to discuss the advantages of buying items at vintage fairs and charity shops! So visit back tomorrow to read all about it :)

Visual Merchandising

Hey guys! So I've been at work all day and fancied showing you/promoting some of my Visual Merchandising work. If you're thinking of going into this field of work, check back here for tips and inspiration as I'm always posting about VM!

I wanted to put shoes or a bag under the coat, but we had to fit another dress out in the wall so we had no choice but to place it there! 
An oriental print fixture with a new leather biker jacket which I love!
Love this embellished statement collar on this dress!
My mannequin change! Quite often a dress will sell out which means it will have to be taken off the mannequin and replaced with another. This was my job today and replaced the best selling dress with this one as it fitted in with the colour palette of the other two mannequins next to her. 
When dressing mannequins, knowing how to pin is so important! I've only just been able to do it properly! It needs to look neat and clean without the pin sticking out for health and safety reasons. Pinning is done for the product to give a certain affect on the mannequin. For example, I pinned this area of the dress so that it pulled back tightly around her legs. 

Also wanted to remind you readers that I'd like to post your fave personal outfits. All you have to do is e-mail me your fave outfit to with your name, age and blog URL if you have one and I'll feature you on my blog!

And I'd like to say a massive thank you to my lovely followers and comments- it's nice to see people enjoy reading my blog after such a long time of getting it together. So thank you!

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Slight food post & my new bowler!

I AM SOO IN LOVE WITH MY NEW BOWLER HAT!! I went shopping today with my brother and boyfriend. I've completely revamped my brother into a whole new stylish person! He's been stuck in his straight legged jeans and Nike Airs for years! It was about time he got some skinnies and a pair of stylish trainers! Topman was his savior - as I made him try on a pair of stretch skinny rolled up jeans and a pair of stylish lace up pumps - he surprisingly liked them both and he bought them! That's right, I'm the new Gok Wan! Hope you all had a great day too! x

Bowler Hat: Marks and Spencer £19.50
Me and my boyfriend having a buffet mid-afternoon lunch at Preview!
Juicy sliced oranges! Yummm
My boyfriend's beautifully laid out desserts. 
Mouth watering bowl of melon :)
My fave.. JELLY!
And check out how cute my boyfriend was this morning! He totally brought me porridge with a sugar heart! 

What is a Soiree?!

Last night I attended a Soiree. "What is that?!" you ask? Don't worry, I thought the same when a Facebook notification popped up inviting me to one.. A Soiree is basically a formal party. My friend's parents were away and she decided to host something a little different which I think is quite nice! However, once arriving at the Soiree, I would have called it anything but formal! I don't think I looked particularly formal but I was really feeling this outfit last night! The guys made the effort to arrive in suits and ties which is lovely!
Whilst others were raving in the kitchen, picking off jaffa cakes and doritttos, the boyfriend, myself and a friend found ourselves cotching in the sitting room watching X Factor! We didn't really know many people and were perfectly happy to be "boring" and enjoy the likes of Rylan and James from the singing competition! Evening well spent! 

Blouse: Wallis
Faux leather jeggings: Zara £39.99
Ring: River Island
Shoes: Primark 
Sorry, I look a little scary!! I styled my hair in a high messy-ish bun! This style made the earrings more of a statement which I thought was important for this outfit. 
Earrings: Claire's Accessories

My Primark beauts!

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Coffee Cake & Hot Chocolate

I had a lovely afternoon yesterday out with my mummy, cousin and my baby cousin, Grace who is 8 months old! We went to a public farm park and looked at all the animals, such as goats, lamas, chickens, and pigs! We stopped by a cafe for a hot choccie and a slice of cake on the way back which was nice! (I did also have some pork scratchings!?) It was the cutest thing watching Grace be fed! Here are a few piccies from the afternoon :)

Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows & Whipped Cream
Slice of Coffee Cake - Delicious!

Me & Grace :) Isn't she gorgeous!
Today I am at work but I do have an exciting outfit post to publish from a lovely Soiree party I attended last night! Have a great day x

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LOOK OF THE DAY: Oasis Casual But Cool

Today I have decided that my Look of the Day would be dedicated to the fashion store, Oasis. Simply because I'm loving their collections at the moment, and I think they should be discovered a bit more!

Dip dye top: £50
Faux leather zip pencil skirt: £48
Colour block glitter envelope clutch: £25
Lana leather suede boots: £70
Snake gloves: £25
Mixed chain choker: £16

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Nail Makeover

I love having long painted nails - it makes me feel dressed up and much more confident just from adding a bit of colour. 

So, last night I painted my nails this berry colour but gave my ring finger a glitter finish. Let me know what you think as I'm not 100% sure if I'm satisfied! 

The general nail colour is this 1 Seconde Bourjois Paris polish in colour 17. And for the glitter finish, I used this Barry M nail paint in colour 264. I especially like using this colour over a red polish at Christmas! 
The Bourjois nail polish has a square brush end which makes it so quick and easy to apply, making it less messy like a normal brush can do depending on how steady your hands are!
A nice little close up of the glitter polish :)

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How to wear one of Autumn/Winter's 2012 trends: Heritage. Heritage is all about tweeds, cable knits, floppy hats, and checks. Here is one way to show off your country side! 

This tweed trench coat is bang on trend and completes any heritage outfit! Layer it up to keep warm with this cable knit wool jumper - this fresh white colour will brighten the look too! Keep the bottoms simple with these brown skinnies but remaining stylish with a leather effect. The reasonably priced floppy hat completes the look by making you stand out from the crowd - I am definitely buying this hat! Instant shadow is a quick and simple way to apply make-up, especially if you're in a rush. At £1.99 you can't go wrong! The copper colour is perfect for this particular look!

Tweed Trench Coat: Oui @ House of Fraser £289.95
Winnie Cable Wool Blend Jumper: Jaeger £120
Brown Coated Leather-Look Skinny Jeans: New Look £19.99
Rust Floppy Hat: River Island £20
Undoing Tan Leather Ankle Boots: Office £85
Instant Shadow (Copper): £1.99

Marks & Spencer: New Real Women Lingerie

I was just visiting the Cosmopolitan website and came across this article. Marks & Spencer have promoted their new lingerie range by using "real women", rather than celebrities. I am always one for supporting curvy/normal sized models so was really pleased to hear this exciting news. I love the idea of being able to relate to the women in the advertisement - it makes buying lingerie so much more enjoyable and doesn't bring you down quite as much as when you're comparing yourself to the usual presented models. These particular women range from the ages 22-48 and sizes 8-16. This collection is all about nourishing your curves and feeling sexy - thank you M&S!

I have actually developed a huge love for Marks and Spencer fashions at the moment. & I'd LOVE to work as a Visual Merchandiser for them one day! I particularly love their Autograph range - they're fantastic quality, classic pieces and appeal to a younger audience like myself too!

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Stack Up On Knitwear

It's noticeably getting colder now which means only one thing...


I love winter. For me, it's all about wrapping up warm with lots of layers and cuddles with my boyfriend. Winter is for roasting marshmallows on a bonfire, getting all dressed up on Halloween and exchanging presents and love on Christmas. So get your woolly hat on and stack up on some of these cosy jumpers!

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