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Interview With A Vintage Enthusiast

I attended a Vintage Fair 2 days ago (which I will be posting about shortly), so I decided to do an interview with my lovely friend, Louisa Merchant-Locke, who is a huge vintage enthusiast. Huge thank you to Lou for taking out the time for this interview!

1. How long have you been charity shopping?
About 10 years. I was never interested when I was younger - not sure why. Typical misconceptions about buying second hand probably.

2. What is your fave vintage buy?
In terms of dress up - my black Chinese dress would be up there - it always attacks attention. Accessories wise, definitely my black "Maggie Thatcher" bag.

3. Ever had any problems with vintage purchases?
Yes! I bought a gorgeous purple suede pair of long boots and I was in such a rush to beat another lady to them that I stupidly didn't try them on and they were 2 left feet. I realised after 10 minutes of wearing them on a night out and it cost us £120 as we stayed in the Hotel Du Vin all night because I couldn't walk!

4. Vintage enables you to buy more and spend less - would you agree?
It does but you have to have a balance and not just buy quantity. I love to have a massive selection to pick from - it's not right in that space is a massive issue in our house! But it does save you loads (but again only if it's something you really want).

5. What would you say to a younger person encouraging them to charity shop?
Keep an open mind - if you are a charity "virgin" - try St Peters Hospice that are lovely bright shops. They really merchandise what they have and make the whole shopping experience really nice - like a full price shop. Also - try the shops in more affluent areas. Richer people have a higher turn over of designer clothes - you can find some real treasures!

6. How would you describe your style?
Probably Audrey Hepburn meets Carrie Bradshaw! I love "playing" with fashion and always pushing the boundaries but I like classic pieces too such as a gorgeous set of pearls, a statement blazer or a gorgeous evening dress. I wore a red tutu with a twinset cardi on my 2nd date with John and he's still with me! I like to think that I will always dress up. I don't want to conform to a certain way of dressing. It's fun to go against the grain! And I love the romantic element of vintage - wondering who wore and loved it (and to where) before I found it! Finding that perfect one-off is a great feeling!


Give us a comment if after reading this interview, you are feeling inspired to start charity shopping! We'd love to know what impact this has on my audience :) thank you!

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