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christmas A-Z gift guide.

Do you keep getting asked what you want for Christmas but have no clue? Do you keep asking people what they want and they don't know either? I know there's plenty of these silly gift guides around, but let's be honest, they're just full of mugs and gift sets etc. so I've created an A-Z gift guide that I would find useful for myself! Hope you find it useful too!

A: Amazon or is a great site to buy gifts for a cheaper price! For example, if you wanted to buy your brother a PlayStation game, it's likely to be £10 cheaper on Amazon.

B: Book
A book is always a great gift, as long as you know that they enjoy reading. Do they watch horror movies? They may like a horror book. If they watch romantic movies, they'll prefer a romantic book.

C: Calendar
A calendar with their favourite band or animal saves them buying one themselves after Christmas, so a calendar may be really appreciated.

D: Diffiuser
Your mum and nan will love a diffuser for the house. As soon as you set them up, you just leave them to work their magic and make the house smell lovely. And they last weeks! Try one from Body Shop - they're known for their beautiful smelling products.

E: Essentials
It may sound boring, but most the time your dad, brother or even boyfriend would really appreciate their pants and socks being bought for them. They won't buy them themselves!

F: Fragrance
A women loves a good perfume. Splash out on a designer fragrance for the one you love and she'll never forget it!

G: Gown
It's more than likely that everyone you know has been wearing the same dressing gown for years. Maybe it's time they had a nice new cosy one for the winter weather! Marks & Spencer are great for things like this!

H: Hair stylist
Treat your mum, sister or even your dad (he may like this too!), to a hair appointment with a top stylist so they can have what they've always wanted without having to pay for it! Think ReflectionsToni & Guy or Saks.

I: iTunes
A £10 or £20 iTunes voucher is great for the younger ones with iPods. It can get annoying have to buy all your music sometimes so this is perfect for any music lover.

J: Jewellery
You'll know what style of jewellery they wear, so you'll know what to buy. Check out jewellery from Next, Topshop, Accessorize and New Look.

K: Knitwear
Not necessarily a jumper, but a nice knitted scarf and hat for them to wear in the winter weather is a great present!

River Island £25

L: Lingerie set
If you're a guy reading this and are wondering what to buy your girlfriend, what about a pretty lingerie set? She will feel so nice in it because you picked it!

Instead of buying your Christmas cards this year, order them all on to make them more personal and appreciated! Plus when all the family come over and see them scattered around the room, they'll make funny conversation.

N: Nail Polish
But not just your standard Barry M or Rimmel. Think Chanel, Models Own or Yves Saint Laurent nail polish. Not only are they a lot better quality, but your loved one will appreciate the few extra pounds spent. And check out this Nail Art from for a glitter finish.

O: Own-made
Make something yourself for someone. Even if it's just their Christmas card, it's so much more meaningful. If you can knit, knit them a scarf! If you're a photographer, perhaps put their favourite picture on a canvas for them.

P: Power up hand warmer
Everyone wants one of these in the winter!

Q: Quilt
A nice cosy quilt to snuggle up in as you're watching movies. And you can get one of these for anyone! Think Next or The Range.

R: Roses
If it's a box of chocolates or a bunch of actual roses, someone is going to love them. Your mum or sister will love a box of choccies, whilst your girlfriend will love some red roses.

S: Subscription
If you've noticed that magazine that they're always reading, why not order them a subscription? You know it makes sense...

T: Tights
Places like John Lewis do an amazing range of patterned tights! They're a fashionable present that a lady will love!

U: Umbrella
It's raining all the time at this time of year, yet we always find ourselves not investing in a good umbrella. What about these cute ones from Urban Outfitters?

V: Vase
I guarantee your mum needs a vase for all the flowers she has around the house. House of Fraser have some lovely designs that will look fabulous on a window seal!

W: Watch
Anyone can wear a watch, but if they're buying it themselves they're bound to buy a cheap one. So why don't you buy them a designer watch that will stay with them forever? Think Hugo Boss for the men, and DKNY for the women.

X: Experience
Treat your boyfriend, mum or sister to a lovely spa experience. They'll love a day of luxury but wouldn't think to do it themselves.

Y: Yummy treat
Sometimes, a box of chocolates or a bag of sweets for the young ones is enough. Thorntons is your best bet for chocolate - they do gift sets, individuals and you can get them to write a name or message on certain products!

Z: Zebra print
A really cool zebra print pillow can make a real statement in someone's bedroom!

Happy shopping and have a lovely Christmas!

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