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I heart Mondays

Mondays are known to be every body's worst day of the week. For me, it's one of my favourite because my boyfriend and I get the day off together! I didn't really have time for photos today unfortunately, but I managed to squeeze in a few rubbish ones - as usual! I wore my new DKNY bag today - it's bright pink (my favourite colour!) and has the option of a long or short handle. And it always matches my lipstick!
I've had my tragus pierced for a while, but when I had it done I was determined to have a ring put in it because that was the look I liked at the time. But recently I decided I wanted something a littler "prettier". So today I purchased this CUTE pearl bar. I'm definitely prefering this! Take a look below :) Hope you all had a nice day! x

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  1. Cute scarf! I could use that here in our snowy weather :)


    1. Aww you can get them from loads of high street shops! Mine is from Dorothy Perkins - not sure if you have them where you live! But they are very cosy and warm :)


  2. I've wanted my Tragus pierced for an eternity but I'm toooo scared! It's just so thick I imagine it will hurt quite alot? So pretty though. Where's the bar from? x

    1. I got my tragus numbed so I didn't feel a thing! The bar is from a little stop called Essential :) x


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