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Bringing the latest trends to my wardrobe

Dress: Topshop
Neon vest top: River Island
Ear cuff: River Island
Shoes: Primark

Looooving my new purchases! I was after a cute dress to wear during the day with some tights and pumps, so this one from Topshop caught my eye straight away. I love it's cute floral print and it has such a soft comfortable texture. I've worn it a few times now, even to go clubbing! I just paired it with some heels and accessories! I actually wore it today with my black tights and Chelsea boots for my visit to the BBC, which I'll get to later ;) so, so cute. I'm loving the neon trend for Spring/Summer but had nothing in my wardrobe so I definitely needed just a hint which I've achieved with this vest top! I can see myself wearing it with my wet-look black jeans. Now, I've been really hoping to find a cool ear cuff for months now but never found one that I've fallen in love with. I just after something stylish and edgy but simple at the same time, just like this one I found in River Island for £3!!! It's perfect and I love it. An every day piece. The only problem is, you can't wear an earring in the other ear because it's just a one ear piece. AND THESE SHOES - OMGGG. Just casually strolling through Primark looking for some monochrome to add to my wardrobe when these appeared! Literally fell in love with them. They're soo cool and bang on trend. I cannot wait to wear them. I'm thinking black wet-look jeans and my neon vest top! Might even bring in that ear cuff too! 

So, today I have been a very lucky girly. I've been shown around the BBC by a lady I know working there. She couldn't help me get work experience, but she took me around, showed me the studio and the offices, and introduced me to some people that worked there (researchers, reporters, journalists etc). It was such an amazing experience, even if I didn't work. It was so interesting to see backstage of the biggest television company in the world. The TV studio was my favourite.. I love it! 

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Necklace Buy

As you may have heard, Republic have gone into administration. Republic isn't usually my kind of shop, but when I saw posters in the window announcing everything was reduced, I thought I may as well pop in and take a look. I did try something on, but I actually just walked out with this really cute necklace (which wasn't reduced, to my luck!) It was a reasonable £6 and if you get there quick, it should still be in the shops! I imagine myself wearing it with collared shirts and blouses! It's a pretty pale pink so although the triangle design is quite quirky and bold, the pink gives it a feminine touch. I've displayed it on my mannequin that I have in my bedroom - going to use it more for showing items off on my blog :) hope you're having a great day! xo

Very quickly, wanted to post the sushi that me and my mummy made the other day - we were very proud of ourselves! And it was delicious... It's a great idea to make your own sushi if you love it because buying it ready made in shops is expensive. But you get ten times the amount of sushi if you buy the ingredients and take out twenty minutes of your time to make it from scratch. Check out the seafood or the "foods of the world" aisle in your local supermarket! 

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Oriental Pieces

About 15 years ago, my Nanny and Grandad went away to China for a holiday. They purchased these two tops whilst there, but they haven't been touched for all this time. The other day, I was presented with them still in their plastic packaging and folded to perfection. They are made out of 100% silk and are hand embroidered. They are both truly beautiful pieces. When trying them on I decided to take some pictures to share with you guys - I apologise that the fabric is quite creased! What do you expect when they've been folded up for fifteen years?! I will obviously give them an iron if I decide to wear either of them one day. I was lucky to fit into them because Chinese sizes are very small! Although these oriental tops don't mix with my usual style, I may be able to incorporate them into an outfit one day - I think they look great with my green jeans! But I certainly appreciate the time and effort that has gone into creating these pieces, and think they deserve a little bit of air and wear! 

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Outfit of the day: Flash of fluorescence

Neon is one of the key trends for Spring/Summer so I've created this outfit with that in mind. Your whole outfit doesn't need to be bright - just a splash of colour brings you right on trend. I've mixed this statement ponte a-line skirt from Topshop with black and white to make it the main focus. Bring in some of the pink through accessories to blend it all together. I've incorporated this bangle set from River Island to do just that. Neon can be a trend for day and night. For a real drastic look at night, you could clash colours or just add on a killer pair of heels. For day it's best to keep to one shade on neon and team with neutral colours. Let me know what you think! xo
Mix lace shell top £32 Oasis
Ponte a-line skirt £28 Topshop
Flatform cross over strap sandles £69 Dune
Gold tone floral bangle pack £13 River Island

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25 Facts About Me

I love reading these posts so thought I'd do one myself!! It's a great way to learn more about the blogger and can even inspire others. Photo edited on

I want to move to London soon and have an amazing fashion related job

Throughout my life, I have lessons to play the recorder, flute, violin, drums, guitar and piano

I played Cinderella in a production with my dance school - best experience of my life

Ed Sheeran and McFly songs get me through the hard times

I have a skin condition called Vitiligo, but a lot of people don't notice

I've been told I look like Jessica Alba, Jessie J and Rita Ora

I eat anything and everything

I love yoga and swimming

Inspiring people is the main purpose of my blog. That and to be able to write about what I love whilst receiving positive feedback

I am a real soppy romantic

When I'm driving in my car on my own, I sing my heart out

I have a personalised registration plate

I'm 5'4 which I hate. I wish I was tall

Festivals sound like my worst nightmare - mud, my allergies, dirty toilets and showers. I'm sorry but, eurgh.

I love Jeffery Campbell's but don't think I could ever wear a pair

Estee Lauder is my favourite beauty brand, don't know what I'd do without their products

I know the guy in Rihanna's "We Found Love" video. I worked with him for a week ;)

I'd like a small tattoo one day but I don't think I will because I'm too scared of pain

My parents and grandparents mean the absolute world to me

I love posting YouTube videos but I'm so nervous about recording them :(

I'd love to be famous and be followed around by paparazzi

I watch Friends everyday and quite often, they're the same episodes

I have huge expectations of the guy I will spend the rest of my life with

I am with a model agency but it's rubbish

I spent £60 a month of my gym membership, and I hardly go

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Alone on Valentines Day?

If you're alone on Valentines Day and hating it, then continue to read! 

I'm finding this year particularly frustrating because me and my boyfriend broke up a few weeks ago, so I wasn't expecting to spend today alone. But the annoying thing is, is that I don't want to be alone. I love being treated to romantic things - I love a bunch of flowers, or a meal. But as usual, nothing :( I can't wait to meet the love of my life and to be swept off my feet every 14th February. Well, preferably not JUST one day a year! Anyway, enough of my moaning. Today I woke up nice and late after a long lie in, had some breakfast and decided to write this blog post. Thinking about it, ideally I should have wrote this yesterday so that my readers read it in advance, ready for Valentines Day, but I didn't have time :( 

I do have a few things to do today to keep myself occupied on this depressing day. I have a couple of little projects to do for work, in order to sign myself off for promotion (which seems pointless because I'm being made redundant in a month but it's something to pop on the old CV!) I'm going to have a little pamper - shower, moisturise and paint my nails. I've also decided that I'd like to volunteer at a charity shop for a while, to assist with their window displays. I love the idea of coming to work and not knowing what's in store. You can be completely creative and do what you want! You can use crops to create a window scheme, and lots of quirky accessories to create some eye-catching outfits. I'd love to attract a younger customer into charity shops, and portray a fashionable and inviting up-to-date window display in order to bring in the fashion lovers around the local area. So hopefully today I'm going to go and enquire about that. 

I'll also be entering the latest Lorraine competition, which is really exciting. Job hunting (story of my life), and maybe even squeeze in the gym. 

But if you're alone today and stuck at home, here are a few ideas for you to keep your mind off the dreaded Valentines Day as a single woman:

1. Go through your handbag - I guarantee it's been a job you've been meaning to do for a while. Clean it out, get rid of any unwanted receipts, throw away anything you don't need in there. Get it looking nice and tidy again, like when you first bought it! You'll feel a lot better when you're out shopping, digging into your handbag all day and you look down to a clean and refreshed bag. I dare let me gorgeous DKNY get bad! 

2. Do something different - Perhaps something you've never done before, or think about a new hobby you could take up. For example, I was given a keyboard for my 16th birthday as I was going through a phase of loving playing the piano and teaching myself beautiful classical songs. But after a while, I got bored and haven't really been on it since (1'm 18 now). So maybe today would be a good opportunity for me to start playing again. Perhaps there is a book that you've been meaning to read for a while - pick it up! I've actually been meaning to finish reading 50 Shades of Grey, but I don't know if that's going to happen now! 

3. Plan your summer - I know the summer seems ages away and thinking about the beautiful hot weather now may even depress you more, but it may also excite you! Think about whether you'd like to go on holiday this year, or maybe a festival you'd like to go to. A water park? Picnic? Somewhere you've been interested in visiting? Day out? Think about what you'd like to be spending your summer doing this year...

4. Invite a friend over - That's right, I'm sure you have other single friends. Maybe someone you haven't seen for a while? Pop to the shop, grab some snacks and watch a movie together. Or just have a girly day and go shopping, go out for some lunch. But don't talk about boys and Valentine's Day, try to stay off the topic! 

5. Write a blog post - If you're reading my blog, there's a good chance you're a blogger yourself. Take today as a great chance to write some fantastic new posts. Maybe dress up and take pictures of yourself in different outfits to inspire your readers! I actually quite like this idea myself... 

6. Go for a walk - If you have a dog, take the dog. Go for a stroll for at least an hour. Take your camera, capture some moments along your way. And then when you get home, upload your photos onto your blog, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram etc! Show the world your love for nature and it's surprises! 

7. Write a list - If like me, you're moaning the day away thinking about that someone you can't be with, write a list about what you DON'T like about them. It may make it a little easier. 

8. Go through your wardrobe - Just take out things you don't wear anymore, and along the way you'll be reunited with pieces you forgot you had! Send the clothes you don't like to a charity shop, or sell them at a car boot sale! You'll feel a lot more refreshed and when you start wearing the clothes you forgot about again, you'll feel like a brand new person! 

9. Write a story - If you're a blogger, you must enjoy writing. So write a story! I bet you can think of loads of great plots and you'll be delighted with how well your writing actually is. The good thing about writing stories as well, is if they are that good, publishers will pay you for them! I started writing stories years ago but never finished them. I loved it though! 

10. Prepare a tea party for you and the family - Get out your mum's special tea set that she's never used, bake some cakes or cookies, make some cute little finger sandwiches, and prepare a tea party for you and your family. It'll be a great time for you all to bond and have a laugh together. 

Just remember, if you're single like me, it just means that we haven't found our Ashton Kutcher yet! So there's something to look forward to...

I hope this post hasn't been just a massive ramble, and I have managed to inspire at least some of you! Let me know if I have, I love positive feedback! 

"Happy Valentine's Day!" 

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Embelishment Jumper & Mulberry Shoes

Hey all! Bought myself a new jumper & shoes (not buying anything else this month, now!) Check the jumper out here online, from Wallis. It's so comfy, vintage inspired and pretty. I also bought these cute pumps that remind me of the Mulberry logo so much! I've been teaming these items together with my skinny jeans. I've been making use of my Photoshop software and decided to do a little airbrushing on a couple of pictures, just for the fun of it! Still loving my threaded eyebrows by the way - they definitely don't grow back as fast than plucking!! 

Also, please follow my lovely friend Lou's blog. It's all about vintage and second-hand items. You'll love it! 

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Eyebrow Threading

Yesterday I got my eyebrows threaded for £7 in Superdrug, as I've been wanting it done for ages out of curiosity. I'd been growing my eyebrows out recently to try and achieve the thick eyebrow trend that's in at the moment, but they just ended up looking bushy! So anyway, thought it would be a great time and opportunity to get them threaded! I'm really happy with the shape that it's given me - I always pluck them so thin but this has made me realise that I actually don't need to. It does hurt quite a bit because they're taking about ten hairs out at a time, rather than one at a time which is what I'm used to. So it was a little painful and my eyes were watering! Definitely worth it though, although I'm not sure if I'll be rushing to get it done again. Here are the results - let me know what you think! xo

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Victoria's Secret Lingerie Set

Yesterday I was in London for the day with my mummy as I had a job interview and thought we'd spend the rest of the day shopping! I wanted to share with you my beautiful new lingerie set from Victoria's Secret. Literally just loads of photos of the new designer store and my gorgeous new lingerie! Beautiful angel mannequins were scattered around the store with lingerie that the models wore in the New York show. A member of the staff there told me that they got to go to New York for their training for 3 weeks!!! So jealous! There were mirrors and patterned wallpaper everywhere - the place was a palace! My new bra cost £48, whilst the knickers £10. Although it seems a lot of money, Victoria's Secret is a luxury brand supplying you with fantastic quality of lingerie with beautiful designs that will last you a life time. 


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