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It's Spring!

Hello my lovely readers! I'm so sorry I haven't been blogging very well recently, started my new job and just seem to have no time at the moment. Below you will see my new brogue sandles from Office (still available to buy if you love them!) They are £45 :) so comfortable though! They're made of real soft leather so they are ultra comfy to spend your spring days in! I was just keeping it casual this day with my leather jeans, pink jumper and a cosy scarf. 

So, it's finally Spring and the weather is slowly getting a little sunnier. I can't wait to start chilling in the sun with friends, capturing beautiful blossom trees, applying some gradual tan, going on bike rides, painting my nails bright spring colours and reading my book in the back garden.

What are you looking forward to this Spring?

Jumper: Wallis
Scarf: Wallis
Jeans: Zara
Shoes: Office
Watch: DKNY

I only had two Easter eggs this year! A galaxy one that the male models from Bristol Fashion Week bought me to say thank you, which was so kind of them! And this Thorntons one below that the Producer of the show bought me to say thank you, also. (It stands for Bristol Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013, in case you didn't guess!) I'm actually still in the middle of eating this one! Yum yum yum. 

So life isn't very interesting at the moment. I've just started my job at Topshop (either this or redundancy). It's okay but not really how I want to spend the rest of my life :( I'm constantly applying for fashion related jobs and work experience and day dreaming about how I want to move to London and begin my big fashion career over there. But nothing seems to be happening for me at the moment. God, this is such a depressing paragraph. Sorry, but gotta get it all out in the open! 

And if that isn't enough, I'm having to deal with healing my broken heart. Two months have gone by and don't feel like I've made any progress. So any advice on getting over someone would be fantastic! Hope you're all having a lovely week! :) 

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  1. Awww you poor thing! Hope you are okay. If you ever want a chat you know where I am or if you want to get away from Bristol come and spend a couple of nights in Brighton!! Gala Darling is my favourite blogger ever so I’ve linked some of her relationship posts. Hope they help!
    Lots of love xxxxxxxxxx

    P.S I love this outfit, you look lovely!


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