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Beauty Review: NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray

Setting Spray 60ml

 What is it? A lightweight water-based setting spray shields your flawless look from temperature variations, sweat and air pollution, leaving your skin looking amazing without having to constantly reapply your makeup. Perfect for professional photography, make-up artists and all make-up enthusiasts. 

The application: Application only takes all of about three seconds. Hold bottle 6 inches away from your face and mist evenly, making sure to cover the whole desired area. Lightly dab off excess spray with tissue (I never need to do this), and air dry for a perfect finish. 

The results: It really does give a lovely, fresh matte finish. My make-up lasts all day too. It's more effective used when wearing a lot of make-up though (foundation, blusher etc). Perfect for our current humid atmosphere and season change as it keeps everything in place!

Pros: Quick to apply, refreshing when just applied and no need to re-apply makeup throughout the day. 

Cons: The mist itself could be a little less thick, and it doesn't have a particularly pleasant smell. 


Price: £8 (Also comes in a Dewy Glow Setting Spray)

Stockist: for UK purchases ( for USA)

Have you tried any NYX products?

& I hope you find it, what you're looking for

Coat Wallis Blouse Wallis Trousers New Look Shoes Zara Bag DKNY
Another amazing day! Great day at work (I call it work because it's easier, but really I was at my place of interning). I got my post uploaded on the Octane PR website, which I've print screened for you to see (below) or you can see it properly by clicking here. How exciting! Does this mean I'm kind of a celebrity now? Anyway, it's basically a bit about myself and my first impressions of the company. I shall be writing another post at the end of my time there! 

I'm only working part time at this internship (Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays), as it gives me a chance to earn some money for the rest of the week (I need all the money I can get for my upcoming London interns)! 

Weather was pretty awful today, wasn't it? I had to wear a coat for the first time in months, which is really sad. Just shows the summer really is over :( this evening was cute - me and the fam went for a meal for my parents wedding anniversary, bless them! 

 I feel that I've blogged a lot of outfits this week so I'm planning to post some more beauty and lifestyle in the next few days! I've also reached 400 twitter followers now, which is amazing! & I have been thinking recently about doing a giveaway soon.. and starting some advertising on my blog. (Again, need some money!) So should be a few exciting updates coming soon :) 

keep your head up, keep your heart strong

Dress AWear Blazer H&M Shoes Marks & Spencer Bag DKNY Watch DKNY
My second day at my internship was fabulous!! It's great to be at a placement where tea is being made FOR me! Rather than me making tea for everyone else! So, this morning I was researching and collecting information on footwear brands such as Kurt Geiger, Dune & Aldo for potential business opportunities. This kept me occupied for a few hours and was interesting to learn a thing or two about them! During the afternoon we received an email from a magazine called Wedding Ideas, who were after some shoe samples for a photo shoot. And I was the one to choose which ones we send based on the brief they sent us! This was really exciting because it gave me a chance to think creatively about fashion, which is my favourite aspect of it all! This pretty much took me up until the end of the day, then towards the end I was asked to write a blog post about myself and first impressions of the company and my time there. They're taking a photo of me in the morning to accompany my blog post so I must make sure I'm looking fabulous tomorrow! And I'll definitely share the page with you guys! I'm so excited! 

Life seems to be going pretty easy and well planned at the moment. I'm all booked up with jobs and internships until November. Here is my schedule:

- Octane PR: Month placement
- Bristol Fashion Week: 2 weeks work
- Week off to catch up on life
- MTV: One week work experience placement
- Company magazine: Month placement
- Cosmopolitan magazine: Month placement

I'm mostly looking forward to Company magazine! It's one of the biggest fashion mags ever and I can't believe I'm going to be lucky enough to work there for a while. I think after that one, I'm going to concentrate on actual paid work and earn some money because everything I seem to be doing is for nothing! I can't complain though, I'm grateful for every opportunity obviously! I'm thinking perhaps some freelance writing, some advertising on my blog and things like that! 

Enough rambling, hope you all had a great day too! Tell me about any work experience or internships you've done - I'd love to hear about them! Take care!

do what you love, love what you do

Blouse Miss Selfridge Skirt Vera Moda Shoes Zara Necklace Warehouse Watch DKNY Earrings Wallis Lipstick NYX
Excuse the scab on my leg, eczema :(

Omg, I was in such a posey mood during this shoot! I do apologise. This was my outfit for day one at my new Internship at Octane PR. I know I've credited these shoes 3 posts in a row now, they're just new so I'm going through that obsessed stage and wearing them every day! I took the images on my iPad and had to crop the ones of me standing so they're a little out of focus which upsets me :( I wanted to look smart and fashionable, but not too formal, for my first day. I think I've achieved this! A nice blouse and patent shoesies with a casual dipped-hem skirt. Plus it's still summer, kinda, so I can get away with having the legs out! 

So, if you're interested about my first day as a Fashion PR, I shall tell you about it. First was the Monday-morning meeting to discuss the week's tasks. I sat in with my pen and notepad, and took notes on lots of interesting things! I then researched their clients so I knew what they were about. (These include Duo BootsRainbow ClubOne Love Organics & a few more..) I went home for lunch because I live a 30-second drive down the road, so it makes sense! Lunch time involved watching Friends whilst feasting on my chicken and rice. Yum! Back at the office, and I'm given the task of researching fashion and celebrity news to tweet about. Love that. My day is a simple 9-5:30 so it's nice to have the evenings to myself, perhaps I may use the spare time to get back into a fitness regime. I completely lost that when I started commuting to London a few months ago and ended up putting loads of weight on so I feel really gross at the moment. Any fitness/health tips are welcome! 

I'll keep you posted on the rest of my internship and will be posting many more outfits! Mwaah

wake up every morning with the thought that something wonderful is going to happen

Dress New Look
Blazer Wallis
Shoes Zara

This is me on a Sunday - a sunny, breezy Sunday. This is also me loving my new shoes. I can't really explain the small palm tree situated beside me, because truth be told, I don't know what it's doing there in my garden. Cute though. 

I've decided I'm going to title each post with an inspiration quote or lyric that I like at that particular time because I think it's more interesting than a cliche title such as, 'outfit of the day'. Hope that's cool with you guys? Anyway, I'm going to keep this one short and sweet because I'm buzzing to get on with my next outfit post which I've just finished shooting! Hope you're all having a lovely day!

My lips like sugar

LUSH £5.25

I cannot stress enough how delicious this product is! I got mine for free whilst working for Star Mag, but I'd definitely invest in another when it runs out. It's literally like rubbing minty sugar on your lips, and you're allowed to lick off the excess! (Yes, it's edible). And it does work like a normal lip scrub - it takes away all flaky skin so you're left with luscious soft lips! You only have to use a small amount on your fingertip too, so this product will last forever! Seriously recommended. 

Two of it's main ingredients is caster sugar & vanilla extract, so you can immediately see why it's so delicious. I wouldn't say sit there and eat scoops of the stuff, but you can certainly savor the flavour after using it on your lips. Buy it online now!

For the best results, be sure to apply your favourite lip balm on top. Here are a few of my favourites..

The Body Shop Honey Bronze Shimmer Lip Balm £6
Nivea Lip Care Pearly Shine £2.29
Clinique Chubby Stick Intense Moisturising Colour Lip Balm £17
Soap & Glory Great Kisser Lip Balm £4

I wanna take you somewhere so you know I care

Zara £16.99
Check these bargain beauts out! I bought these from Zara in Covent Garden. The label said £19.99 but as I came to pay at the till, the (gorgeous) sales assistant told me £16.99, so you can imagine that I was loving life at this particular moment. I'd been looking for some cute small heeled shoes that I could wear for my new internship that I start tomorrow, and these will do just the job! 

Here is a collage of images from my day in London with my mummy on Thursday. We visited Piccadilly because my mum wanted to pop in Fortnum & Mason. We then strolled onto Covent Garden - had some delicious steak and chips in Cafe Rouge, and watched all the entertainment in the area! Then last stop was The Shard

As I briefly mentioned earlier in this post, I start a new internship tomorrow. This one is for a month and is only two minutes down the road from my house in Bristol, which is perfectly ideal for now since I have zero money left from my intern in London. It is a Fashion PR called Octane. I've gained so much experience in magazines, editorial, events etc and wanted to see if I enjoyed PR too. I'll be sure to post lots of behind the scenes stuff for you all to see! Wish me luck!

Don't let your dreams just be dreams..

Guysssssss. I am sorry. As I said in my previous post (which was 3 months ago), I was interning at Star Magazine (whilst commuting) which truly left me no time to blog or in fact, have any time to myself. But now it's sadly over and I'm getting straight back into blogging! Think it all needs a little makeover.. Anyway, I've made a video showing you all about my time at Star. It was just an amazing 3 months that I thought I'd create it for memories. I've honestly lived the dream and I'm so sad it's over, but it's only spurred me on to work harder towards my dream! Check it out :) I don't mean it to be corny by the way! Think the music just made it that way! 

I just wanna feel real love

Vero Moda £8

Isn't it cute? I was in London yesterday for an interview and was passing through Oxford Street, as you do, and popped into this shop called Vero Moda. I hadn't heard of it before but looked cute, so thought I'd pop in. I didn't really have any money to spend but when I saw this cute bargain dipped-hem skirt for £8, I thought, 'imma do it!' Perfect for casual days! And it's high waisted so can wear a crop top or tuck in an old tshirt or something! And a chunky statement necklace!! Ok, I'm getting excited now. 

I've also been naughty and bought these gorgeous patent pink Dr Martens!! I've been thinking about them for a while and was passing one of their stores so thought I'd just go have a quick look! And they were on the shelf in the SALE! It was pretty much fate so just had to get them. AAH I LOVE THEM

Dr Martens £45

Very quickly, come follow me on twitter as I think my tweets are becoming more interesting! Hope you're all well! Until next time.. mwaaah

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