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My second day at my internship was fabulous!! It's great to be at a placement where tea is being made FOR me! Rather than me making tea for everyone else! So, this morning I was researching and collecting information on footwear brands such as Kurt Geiger, Dune & Aldo for potential business opportunities. This kept me occupied for a few hours and was interesting to learn a thing or two about them! During the afternoon we received an email from a magazine called Wedding Ideas, who were after some shoe samples for a photo shoot. And I was the one to choose which ones we send based on the brief they sent us! This was really exciting because it gave me a chance to think creatively about fashion, which is my favourite aspect of it all! This pretty much took me up until the end of the day, then towards the end I was asked to write a blog post about myself and first impressions of the company and my time there. They're taking a photo of me in the morning to accompany my blog post so I must make sure I'm looking fabulous tomorrow! And I'll definitely share the page with you guys! I'm so excited! 

Life seems to be going pretty easy and well planned at the moment. I'm all booked up with jobs and internships until November. Here is my schedule:

- Octane PR: Month placement
- Bristol Fashion Week: 2 weeks work
- Week off to catch up on life
- MTV: One week work experience placement
- Company magazine: Month placement
- Cosmopolitan magazine: Month placement

I'm mostly looking forward to Company magazine! It's one of the biggest fashion mags ever and I can't believe I'm going to be lucky enough to work there for a while. I think after that one, I'm going to concentrate on actual paid work and earn some money because everything I seem to be doing is for nothing! I can't complain though, I'm grateful for every opportunity obviously! I'm thinking perhaps some freelance writing, some advertising on my blog and things like that! 

Enough rambling, hope you all had a great day too! Tell me about any work experience or internships you've done - I'd love to hear about them! Take care!


  1. Love your style! You have some gorgeous blazers!Glad to hear you're loving your internship, it's a great feeling not being the dedicated tea lady isn't it!

    Shannon x


    1. Awh thank you so much, Alex!! Haha, it is a great feeling indeed! About time we're given better jobs to do! x

  2. Ah, that dress is so pretty! You have some exciting things planned, it all sounds so awesome. Paws crossed you enjoy all of your placements. I met some of the Cosmo girls at a blog party last year and they seemed sooo nice.


    1. Thank you lovely! Yes I can't wait for them! Awwh lucky you! I'm sure they will be really nice :D xo

  3. so pretty and your pink bag!

    asian fashion beauty blogger

  4. Wow, so many placements! I'd love to know how you went about finding them, I'm really struggling with finding some!

    1. I'm planning on doing a post on internships soon! Keep posted ;) xx


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