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Beauty Review: Benefit Porefessional

PRO balm to minimise the appearance of pores

What is it? A silky, oil-free formula that minimizes the appearance of pores and fine lines for smoother-than-smooth skin. 

The application: The substance was easy to apply with my fingertips due to its soft, gel texture. The application was cold but refreshing and had a lovely smell of what I thought smelt like roses!

The results: I definitely felt my skin was a lot smoother and cleaner afterwards. 

Pros: Easy to apply with a gentle texture. Can be applied under or over make up. 

Cons: Bit pricey and I can't imagine a tube lasting very long. 


Price: £24.50

Stockist: Boots,

10 steps to a happier you!

For me, happiness is the most important thing to me in life. Happiness within your career, your social life and within your own time. So here's my tips for a life of happiness!

1. Save time for yourself
Try to give yourself an hour a day, or every other day, to yourself. Have a bath, read a magazine or book, paint your nails, watch a movie. It's important to go out and have fun, but it's just as important to stay in and relax on your own. Some well deserved "me-time"! 

2. Keep active
Keeping active is a key way to feel happy and confident in your body. Even if its just a 20 minute walk, a swim, bike ride, gardening. Every little helps! 

3. Giving & kindness
It's a fact. Giving to others makes yourself feel better as a person. Even if its just popping to the shop to buy your mum her favourite bottle of wine, or your brother his favourite bar of chocolate. On another level, volunteering is a great way of helping and having a sense of achievement. 

4. Family time
I no longer live at home so coming back and spending time with my family is very important to me. Instead of going out, I'll spend the evening watching Alan Carr or Britain's Got Talent with my parents and my amazing brother. Or just pop out for a coffee in the afternoon. Spending time with the ones you love makes you feel comfort and reassurance, and therefore happy!

5. Try new things
I have a whole list of things I want to do, and when I tick something off I feel a sense of achievement and fulfillment. This is our life, and we need to live it to the full. Learn and try new things!

6. Enjoy your job
My career is so important to me. If you don't enjoy your job, you'll dread work and never be 100% happy. What is your dream job? Is it to be an actor? You think you won't achieve it so you don't bother perusing it? Well Jude Law and Leonardo DiCaprio would never have got where they are if they'd had that attitude. Whatever your dream is, chase it and live it. If you enjoy your job, you'll enjoy life. 

7. Get your sleep
I know its written everywhere but honestly, getting 8 hours sleep a night will really keep you energised throughout the day and therefore you'll get more things done. Not only that, sleep improves stress and allows cells to re-charge!

8. Don't compare yourself to others
Learn to love who you are and embrace it. Never compare yourself to others, everybody is different and has their own flaws. Not only physically, but financially and socially too. Just be happy the way you are! If you don't like your legs, embrace what you do like. Such as your hair or arms. 

9. Fall in love & make love
Yep. Falling in love is the best feeling in the world. That feeling of closeness and passion with somebody is rare and once you have it, its very special. And if you're not IN love, you can still make love, which is considered one of the top sources of happiness. 

10. Learn to forgive & forget
Don't dwell on the past. Even if you can't quite forgive, you must learn to forget and move on. Dwelling will only prolong your sadness. I know it can be easier said than done but bear this in mind, and you will get there!

I hope my tips help you to a happier life! Please leave comments and feedback below or tweet me @gemfash 

6 Tips For Fitness Motivation

Going back a year or so ago, I'd lost one stone and was feeling the best I'd ever felt in myself. But something happened and I lost all of my motivation. Soon enough I put the weight back on, to the point where now I literally feel rubbish. So this summer, I've got my motivation back, I've joined the gym again, and I'm determined to get happy and confident again. So I've put together six tips to motivate you!

- Invest in some stylish running trainers 
Like the ones in the images below (I haven't invested yet but I'm getting some for my birthday). I've always hated running trainers, I've always just seen them as ugly and unattractive. Luckily, Nike proved me wrong with their gorgeous pink designs. So I think it's a good idea to invest in some trainers that you like so you feel confidence stepping out of those changing rooms. 
£52, £85, £85, all available at JD Sports
- Inspiration from social media
Honestly, most of my inspiration comes from social media such as Instagram and Tumblr. I search #health #fitness and so many quotes and pics come up that give you ideas and motivation. I always go back to this when I'm feeling lazy.

- Take vitamins
I've started drinking a Berocca every day. For those of you who don't know, Berocca is a tube of vitamin tablets that you can buy in Boots (image below). You add a tablet into a glass of water and wait a couple minutes for it to dissolve. It makes a delicious orange vitamin drink. Although taking vitamins aren't visibly effective, they're doing a world of wonders on the inside, and knowing that makes you feel so much better in yourself. Fish oil tablets are also a good one to take every day. 

- Attend classes
I often find I work so much harder when I go to a class with someone pushing you (like a personal trainers). I attended a freestyle class the other day which included weights, push ups, sit ups, lunges, everything. I thought I was going to pass out but that class was the best thing I ever did. Three days on and I'm still in pain. I never would have gone to such extremes if I was on my own. So I would always advise going to classes. 

- Do yoga
Yoga is such a calming and effective way of finishing or starting your day. I normally take a yoga class to praise myself at the end of the week for working so hard. It's an hour to stretch, breath and think about life. 
- Don't diet
Don't stress yourself out about dieting. Who cares if you just ate a biscuit or a chocolate bar. Is it really going to affect you that much if you're really doing your exercise right? Don't get me wrong, eating healthy is the first step to losing weight but telling yourself you can't eat certain things when you really want to will just make you miserable. Everything in moderation. 

An image from Tumblr, my breakfast this morning (croissant stuffed with orange and pear), berocca tablets and myself feeling confident!

Summer Nightwear

For a moment there I thought we were going to have a nice early summer. Just for a moment. It appears to have changed its mind once again. But just to be prepared, I've had a look at my top three light, summer nightwear to keep you cool on those hot sticky evenings! Whatever the budget, there is a stylish one for you! Which one is your favourite?

New LookSomerset by Alice TemperleyLucile

Benefit Makeover

Last week I popped into the Benefit Cosmetics store in Carnaby Street, London, for a makeover. It was such a lovely treat and the makeup artist was so friendly and nice! The store itself has a champagne bar and treatment rooms downstairs for manicures, facials etc. I'll definitely be making a trip back for one of those! 

I was really pleased with the result, it was exactly how I like my make-up. My favourite products that she used:

- Hydra Smooth Lip Colour (in Orchid Pink), £15
- Watt's Up Soft Focus Highlighter, £24.50

The lipstick was so soft and moisturizing. She chose a light purple colour which I wouldn't normally go for but I was pleasantly surprised! I'm normally a bright pink kinda girl, but this shade was a gorgeous summery light tone. 
Right now I'm a massive fan of highlighters. Honestly, I love that shine finish that it gives. The highlighter that she used was on a stick, so is easily smudged on on top of foundation. Here are the results and some pics of the bar and beauty area. 

Whisky Mist: Review

So I was kindly offered a complimentary VIP table in the fabulous night club, Whisky Mist, situated in the heart of Mayfair, London last night. It was certainly an experience!

I brought two of my lovely friends along to share the experience with me. First we were escorted to our VIP table by a gorgeous friendly girl. The table was already prepared with a bucket of ice and champagne glasses waiting for us. My first impression was that it was pretty dark and really loud - we couldn't hear each other talk at all! There were a few chart mixes coming from the DJ which was good as that's my fave music to go out to! When we sat down, we were handed the drinks menu to decide which champagne we would like. Prices started at £120 and finished at £32,000. I've never seen anything like it! Honestly, I don't know who would spend that much money on one drink. But anyway, we chose our desired champagne, and soon after tasted a sample! Having given it the thumbs up, a very smart handsome waiter brought over the bottle and poured our glasses.

I'd give the club a 3/5. I loved the unique country setting, but could never afford to go back there unfortunately.

Interested? Check out Whisky Mist via their twitter or website.
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