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This week's 5 most inspiring articles

I love an inspiring read, and I'm sure you do too as other wise you wouldn't be reading this right? So I've put together 5 of the most inspiring articles that I've read this week. Spending your Sunday relaxed wrapped up in a duvet? Great - these posts will be perfect company! - 20 things to do in your 20s - read here
I have a never ending list of 'things to do' but I like it. Ticking things off the list is evidence of you living your life and fulfilling your wants and dreams! - What the most successful people do before breakfast - read here
Success is one of the most important things to me so it's great to here what all of the big business people in the world get up to in the mornings! "My goal is to build a life I don't need a vacation from". - Going down your own path - read here
It's scary when everyone starts going their separate ways, isn't it? It feels like there's so much pressure to do well. I'm a big fan of this blog in general but what she says about 'going down your own path' is very inspiring! - 19 ways to feel better today - read here
Sometimes we can all feel a bit down.. maybe you've had a bad day at work or you really wanted to go out but all your friends are busy. Or worse, you're going through a tough time. But Glamour's top tips are here to get you through! - 10 happy moments in a bad week - read here
I discovered Katy's blog this week and I absolutely love it. In this post I love how she admits she's had a bad week but can still pull out all of the happy moments within it. Let's all look up to Katy :)

Which article is your favourite?


  1. Getting out of bed is usually a challenge for me in a morning, maybe I need to start with that :)

  2. The five articles you linked to are great! They're real mood-lifters. A lot of the things on "Cosmopolitan's list os things to do in your 20s that you'll always be glad you did" still sound pretty darned good to me even though my 20s, which I miss, ended long ago! I love the end of the Red Online article where it says "Remember to have fun and pursue your pleasures". I also liked Rebecca's "Going Down Your Own Path" article, Katy's blog and her Twitter, @MissKatyEnglish.


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