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What I Got For Christmas | 2015

I was so happy with my presents this year, but before I begin talking about my gifts, I just want to say what a lovely Christmas I had and how grateful I am to have had my wonderful family around me. That is the most important thing to me at Christmas time!  

Ted Baker Handbag
My main present was this gorgeous rose gold Ted Baker leather handbag. For the past 18 months I've been carrying around a Jimmy Choo but it was starting to look a little tatty so I was definitely in need of a pretty new designer handbag. I'm someone that HAS to have designer! This Ted Baker one is so pretty and girly... it's right up my street! Love it!

Moschino Umbrella
My parents surprised me with a Moschino umbrella which is so cute! I'm always walking around so often am in need of an umbrella. At the moment I just use a boring black one so I'm really happy to finally have a stylish one! I'm very proud of my mummy for choosing Moschino too!

Selfie Stick
I FINALLY got a selfie stick! I've lost count of how long I've been meaning to buy myself one of these so I was relieved when I opened this on Christmas day! I'm most definitely a lover of the selfies and a selfie stick is perfect for when you're on days out and holidays. I'm sure this will be coming everywhere with me!

Ted Baker Sparkle & Shine Set
I received this pretty little Ted Baker Sparkle & Shine Duo Set which includes a nail polish and a lip & cheek tint. I love the colours of these products - pink is my fave! And if you're ever stuck on what to buy me, you simply can't go wrong with beauty products! I'll definitely be wearing these!

Baking Recipe Books
Recently, I've really been getting into baking! And I think you can blame Zoella for this one! I've been watching quite a lot of her baking videos and it's really got me wanting to bake lots of delicious cupcakes! So my mum kindly bought me two baking recipe books... Lola's Forever and Make, Bake, Cookies. I am so excited to start - I particularly want to make some red velvet cake!!

I'd love to hear what you received! xx

Cosy nightwear for winter

I don't know about you but I'm definitely beginning to feel the chill at night now! And one of my favourite things about winter is being able to snuggle up in warm, cosy pyjamas and socks. So I really wanted to put together my favourite picks of girly nightwear for this winter!

I love onesies, I think they are so cosy. But I think you'll agree that they're the most annoying things to be wearing when you need the toilet! I love this pink and white christmas print onesie - it's so cute! And the hood adds extra cosy-ness!

If there's one place to go for pyjamas it's Cyberjammies! They do lots of gorgeous printed nightwear. I love this perfectly festive red checked one for Christmas.

These are the cutest slippers I've ever seen! They come in lots of other colours too. They look super soft to walk in with their fluffy insides!

Bed socks are an essential at winter, and M&S always come to the rescue for me. These are great value as you get 2 pairs in one pack and the designs are really cute. 

This dressing gown looks the right thickness to keep you perfectly warm. Sometimes I wear gowns that are so thick I actually get too hot and end up having to take them off! 

I love to wear eye masks at night sometimes if I'm struggling to sleep or I'm travelling. This one is made with satin and is filled with lavender seeds so smells amazing!

Wishing you a warm and cosy winter! xxx

How I Keep My Nails Long & Healthy

It's a question I get asked almost every day... how do I keep my nails so long? Are they real? Well, in this blog post I reveal my not-so-secret 3 easy tips to maintaining real long, strong and healthy nails all year round! And they're pretty simple...

1. Don't bite your nails!
This is kind of an obvious one... but seriously. I don't bite, pick or barely touch my nails which definitely helps to let them grow. If you're struggling to beat the habit, try one of those nasty tasting formulas like this one from Boots. Once you stop you'll be on the right track to longer, healthier nails. 

2. Condition with oil and hand cream
I use hand cream regularly every day (my current favourite is this one from Crabtree & Evelyn). Whenever my hands feel dry in the day I'll quickly pop it out of my handbag and apply some. Also once a month on an evening whilst watching Friends I take off all my nail polish and apply some CND SolarOil Nail & Cuticle Conditioner. This oil is award winning and is infused with jojoba oil and vitamin E, creating stronger, healthier nails and hydrated cuticles.  

3. Invest in a great manicurist
I always try to have a manicure once a month. Not for gels or acrylics, but just for a simple normal polish manicure. And you don't have to go to these top beauty salons and spend £50 on them... those little Chinese nail parlours do just the job for as little as £10 depending on which one you go to. And I find that as long as they spray a little nail polish fixer on afterwards, my manicure lasts weeks! Having a manicure once a month keeps nails tidy and trim. (Plus I'm awful at painting my own nails!)

It sounds simple but that really is it! I hope this helps xxx

Your Ultimate Winter Boho Dress

I'm not a very boho kind of person normally but when I saw this dress I immediately thought the print was amazing, and as I've been wearing it out a few times I've had a lot of compliments! It's such a statement dress so can easily be styled with a simple pair of black tights and boots for winter. The dress is made of a warm, thick fabric making it equally suitable for the colder weather. And on top of that, it's super affordable! Get it on your winter wish list, now!

Blueberry Muffins For Beginners

Recently after seeing all of these baking tutorials on YouTube, it's really made me want to get baking some more! But I'll be honest, I'm definitely not a pro... so I wanted to start off with something quick and simply but equally delicious! Blueberry muffins seemed the perfect choice.

What you'll need:
- Muffin cases
- 110g plain flour
- 110g butter
- 65g caster sugar
- 2 free-range eggs
- 1 1/2 tsp baking powder
- 125g blueberries
- Pinch of nutmeg

1. Begin by creaming the butter and sugar together in a large bowl. Then slowly pour in the eggs and mix for 3 minutes. Add the flour, baking powder and nutmeg then stir to combine.

2. Now place a spoonful of muffin mixture into each muffin case, filling each to just over half way. Place about 5 blueberries in each case. 

3. Bake in the oven set at 200C/400F/Gas 6 for 20 minutes

And there you have it... super delicious blueberry muffins done within one hour! If you happen to have a go using my tutorial, let me know how you get on and definitely tweet me a pic! @gemfash

Why I Can't Live Without Freya Lingerie

I feel so lucky to be in touch with the lovely Freya team who offered to send me a lingerie set, and it is so beautiful! Freya is my favourite lingerie brand and as I am quite big-busted I definitely need a good quality bra that lasts and holds, and fits me perfectly! Freya goes up to a K cup so they are perfect for girls like me! I always opt for a balcony bra as I find them the comfiest for my shape, and they always last such a long time. I chose a super pretty style - an embroidered black and pink floral design with bow detail. I'm normally quite boring and "sensible" when it comes to bras - I always choose white as it can be worn under anything! But this time I was determined to choose something that was pretty and had a little more personality!

I have worn Freya since I first started wearing bras!! So a good few years now, and I would absolutely recommend them to anybody who is looking for a long-lasting bra that is all about the perfect fit! Wherever Freya is sold, there will be someone on hand to measure you ensuring you go home with the perfect bra. They are sold in John Lewis, Selfridges, Debenhams, House of Fraser... so wherever you are I'm sure there'll be a stockist near you!

So what are your thoughts on Freya lingerie? Can't live without them either? Let me know in the comments below :)

Review | Activbod

I am definitely one of those people that struggles to stay motivated when it comes to working out, but it's products like these by Activbod that really keeps me going and maintains that can-do attitude! So whether you're a once a week jogger, cycling superhero or gym buff, there is an Activbod product made just for you!

Activbod is committed to encouraging you to lead an active lifestyle by providing pre and post exercise body care that delivers results you can feel. The products inspire, encourage and reward a more active you whilst helping to build confidence through well being. Designed to aid repair and recovery, the combination of high-tec and natural ingredients deliver cooling, warming and skin protecting products. Bespoke blends of stimulating fragrances offer uniquely rejuvenating and invigorating properties, and their portable products enhance your active lifestyle. 

The team sent me 2 products to try - Cooling Finish Lotion and Mind Over Matter.

Left to right: Cooling Finish Lotion, Mind Over Matter

Cooling Finish Lotion, £12
This product is a body moisturiser containing vitamin E and menthol which delivers a cooling sensation and replenishes skin moisture levels after your workout. It smells absolutely amazing and comes out as a clear gel so it is super easy and smooth to apply and made me feel really refreshed after applying this post workout. The formula includes allantoin which helps to replenish moisture lost during exercise, and a unique deodorising ingredient helps to effectively control body odour. It's a winner for me!
Buy now

Mind Over Matter, £7
It doesn't surprise me that this is their best selling product. This balm is used to motivate you before your workout, using the power of essential oils to help focus the mind and give you that kick start! This is best applied over pulse points such as your wrist, temples and neck. It comes in a super cute tiny tube that it's so easy to just throw into your gym bag. With a blend of rosemary, peppermint and bergamot essential oils, it smells absolutely amazing - I couldn't help but keep smelling my wrists during my workout! I definitely found it pushed me to work harder.
Buy now


You can get 15% off first purchase with code ACT15 at the checkout, or use MATE15 for your workout friends! If that's not enough, 10% of the net profits go to the Women's Sport Trust.
What are you waiting for?!

Outfit of the Day | Isles of Scilly

I love my gorgeous new kaftan by MyaBlueBeach - it's light weight, comfortable and the hand printed gold motif is beautiful. I took it with me for my late summer holiday in the beautiful Isles of Scilly where I had visited earlier in June, to wear over my swimsuit by the pool. 

MyaBlueBeach was founded in 2009 and offers an effortless holiday wardrobe with collections of beach kaftans, tunics, holiday dresses and beach ponchos. The British designer brand focuses on exquisite cut, great fit and comfortable breathable fabrics. Every part of the design process is lovingly undertaken by British in-house designers - hand painting and selecting ideal cotton fabrics to perform in the hot sun. The team understand a woman's body and the importance of movement within each garment and as a result, truly unique, desirable investment pieces are created. 

I wore my kaftan on a warm sunny day by the pool to avoid sunburn when lounging reading my book! But what is great about this design is that it's short enough to work great teamed with jeans and sandals on an evening with cocktails. Each kaftan takes several hours to create, making them a beautiful, long lasting investment. 

Tresco, Isles of Scilly

Going #Bronde with Schwarzkopf

I recently teamed up with Schwarzkopf for their #BRONDE campaign and was kindly invited to their amazing central London salon to have my hair recreated by their fantastic Schwarzkopf Professional stylists - Suzie McGill and Dylan Brittain.

I actually found the whole experience pretty inspiring and insightful! Before now I've only ever gone to my local hair salon and asked for simple things like a "full head of blonde highlights". But Dylan was telling me about how 'bronde' and colouring hair in general should be bespoke as everybody's colourings is different. I found this pretty interesting and it made me realise that all of these local hair stylists I've been going to for the past 21 years actually don't have a clue! So from now on I think I'll definitely be visiting top salons only and asking for more bespoke colour rather than a simple "full head of highlights" etc. Here are some piccies of the salon and of my new bronde hair!

Receiving my bronde hair was the perfect opportunity to try out Schwarzkopf's new BC Colour Freeze range. The products have been created for ultimate colour protection that lasts.

During colouring, the outer and inner hair structure are loosened up so that colour pigments can penetrate the hair, but until now the structure hasn't closed up again fully. The pH 4.5 Balancer Technology reinforces the internal hair structure by bringing the hair to the optimal pH level - meaning it essentially "freezes" colour pigments in the hair. This takes place directly after colouring, and then every day as part of a normal haircare regime! This is the first time this brand new technology has been seen in hair care products. Pretty cool right? No more colour fading for us! 

The BC Colour Freeze range includes shampoo, conditioner, spray conditioner, gloss serum, cc cream and a treatment masque. Yes, CC cream for hair and yes, a SPRAY conditioner. I'm pretty impressed already. After washing my hair twice with the Sulfate-Free Shampoo and conditioner I admit that I did not notice any colour fade whatsoever so I can't fault the products at all. 

From left to right: Sulfate-Free Shampoo, Spray Conditioner, Conditioner, CC Cream, Gloss Serum, Treatment Masque.
Sulfate-Free Shampoo, £10.55
This gentle shampoo worked well and has a pleasant healthy spa smell. I had no problems with this product and would definitely use it again.

Conditioner, £11.85
This lovely conditioner is pink which is always a winner for me! It's rich and creamy, leaving my hair super soft after using with the shampoo. 

Spray Conditioner, £11.85
I haven't heard of spray conditioner before but I think it's a brilliant invention! It was super easy, you just spray onto damp washed hair and leave in. I guess the only downside is that I wasn't sure how much to apply, but I sprayed quite a few times around my whole head which seemed enough. It's lightweight, detangled my hair whilst adding shine! Much quicker than using proper conditioner in the shower. 

Treatment Masque, £13.25
When I tested this product my hair was so dry and was in desperate need of some serious conditioning. I left the creamy formula on for about 5 minutes and rinsed out. Once dry my hair was very, very soft and felt so much healthier. I would definitely use this product again!

CC Cream, £13.25
This CC Cream is the collection's hero product - a must have for people who use hot appliances on the hair regularly as this product is great for protecting from heat damage. I am lucky enough to have naturally straight hair so I rarely use hot appliances, however I do occasionally like to use my curling tongs when I go out on an evening so the CC cream is ideal to use a day or two before to protect from the heat. The application is really simple - just work into towel dried hair and leave in!

Gloss Serum, £13.25
The serum is definitely long lasting and produces a lovely mirror-like shine. Meanwhile reducing split ends, frizz and visibly smooths the hair surface too. It is super quick to apply in the mornings making it a handy product to have whilst doing wonders for your hair. 

SO needless to say if you have coloured hair then you definitely need Schwarzkopf's Colour Freeze range in your life! I really enjoyed testing the products and would highly recommend them. 

Review | Zoella Tutti Fruity Beauty Range

I haven't tried Zoella's products before and I kind of wanted to see what all the fuss was about. And I have to say whilst a couple of the products I wasn't overly impressed with, there was other products that were the best I've ever used! Just to let you know, a bath bomb is also included in the range but I don't have a bath to review that product unfortunately! So without further ado, here's my review of Zoella's new Tutti Fruity range.

Candy Cream Softening Body Lotion, £5
The first time I applied the body lotion I found it rather sticky, there was no luxurious moisturisation about it. I wore it to bed and my skin still felt sticky the next morning. I found it didn't really smell as fruity as it makes out either. So my first try wasn't very impressive. However for some reason the second time I tried it, I felt less sticky and the fruity smell came out a bit more. I'm someone who suffers with very dry skin so I probably won't make a habit of using it as I feel this product is more about the smell and texture more than anything. It also has little beads of acai and blueberry which can make it feel like a body scrub but these do absorb into the skin once applied.

Foam Sweet Foam Cleansing Shower Gel, £3.50
Anything pink immediately gets my attention! I applied the shower gel after using the body scrub so my skin was nice and smooth. As you're rubbing it in, the solution produces lovely bubbles (hence the name!) so you feel all girly when using it! Although I did enjoy using the product, it doesn't really stand out for me but I would recommend it if you're in need a little girly pamper. 
Let's Spritz Fragranced Body Mist, £8
I love to carry around a body mist when I'm out and about to make me feel instantly refreshed! This body mist is sweet, floral and fresh (3 of my fave scents)! The smell lingers for a while after too which is great as there is nothing worse than not being able to smell it after 2 minutes. The bottle is super cute and again, the mist is pink!! It's small enough to fit in your handbag which is handy, however too big to fit in the cosmetic purse. 
Scrubbing Me Softly Smoothing Body Scrub, £7
Oh my god, literally the BEST body scrub I have ever used!!!! IT smells amaaaazing and my skin felt so luxuriously soft afterwards. I just rubbed it in using my hands (no exfoliating gloves) which didn't irritate my skin making it ideal for sensitive skin. The scrub feels like a paste and rubs in gently and easily. This is my favourite product from the whole range - I will use this to death! 
Kissy Missy Lip Balm, £3
I'm afraid to say that the lip balm was my least favourite of the collection. Firstly I found it difficult to even get my finger in the pot (I guess my long nails didn't help with this and a lip brush would probably come in handy). The balm itself smells a bit cakey - nothing fruity about it. And the colour in the pot is stronger than the colour that appears on your lips. Saying that it still does give a nice subtle candy pink shade. Once applied the colour only lasted about an hour. It was all a bit of a fuss for me so unfortunately I have to say I won't be using this product again.

Cosmetic Coin Purse, £6
It's a cute and girly design but very small and to be honest you can't fit much in it at all. I couldn't even fit my foundation in there! I think it would be nice as a pencil case though. I definitely feel this is a purse designed for Zoella's younger following but I do appreciate that it is very cute!

The Zoella Tutti Fruity range is available now at Superdrug and

Have you tried Zoella's products? If so let me know your thoughts!
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