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Feeling Motivated

I write this after a productive Saturday of cleaning, blogging, washing and de-cluttering! Isn't it one of the best feelings when you sit down at the end of the day and look back at everything you've done? So I'm feeling pretty motivated right now.. but sometimes we all hit a brick wall and need a little bit of a push to keep us going. Here are my top 5 tips to feeling motivated!

1. Plan short & long term goals
I decided in December that I wanted to spend 2015 visiting more places. Ever since I left school, all I've done is concentrate on my career and spend all my money doing internships. It's also really hard for me to save much money as living in London doesn't come cheap! But this year, now that I feel pretty settled in my work, I would really like to see more places. Not just abroad either - I want to visit cities in the UK. I've never really spent time up north and feel I want to see new places! These are my long terms goals. Ticking off short term goals keep you happy every day and make you feel like you're achieving. Short term goals may be writing a new blog post, visiting a new restaurant or going to a concert.

2. De-clutter & get organised
I'm a little bit OCD and am always throwing away old things I don't need any more, tidying and organising my space. I simply cannot work in a cluttered environment. After a little organise it's like a fresh new space and I feel ready to take on my next project! One thing I did recently which I think it really important is throw away all of my old cosmetics. I'd been hoarding so many products that I've had for absolutely years, and let's not forget that everything has a use-by date. So I went through everything and left myself with products that I know I will love and use. It also reminded me of things I forgot I had!

3. Listen to music
I love listening to my favourite music - not only when I'm working but when I'm travelling, cooking, cleaning - it makes everything a little more fun. I like to listen to upbeat happy tunes in the day to get myself feeling positive and energetic, and then classical slow tunes in the evening to wind myself down. I've also been thinking about investing in some cool new headphones. For years I've used the same old boring Apple headphones. Since I use them so much, I thought it might be nice to buy some with a little more personality. My favourites are Skullcandy, Marc JacobsBeats and these cutes ones from Net-a-porter.

4. Invest in new stationary
I get so excited about new notebooks and pens! It's funny how a pretty new pad can motivate you to work. Stationary is a life essential so there is nothing wrong with spending a little extra on the pieces that are going to put a smile on our face! Check out PaperchaseFraser & Parsley and Smythson for some cute bits.

5. Work hard, play hard
Sometimes knowing that evening I'll be out having fun motivates me to get through the day! Working hard is important but if you get too much of it without switching off you may become a little flustered. Go out for dinner one evening in the week, go out on weekends, go for a walk on your lunch break. If you work in an office, I find I need to spend a little time away from my computer screen or I start feeling ill! So I always try to get out on my lunch. Playing hard is just as important to keep a healthy balance between your work and social life. I love my job, but I always ensure to switch off and see friends/family when I can.

Let me know what keeps you motivated - I would love to hear your tips!


  1. I;m quite motivated with your tips. Noted!

  2. I couldn't agree more to this list! Organised environment and a clear mind (or however the saying goes!) New stationary always helps me and yep, paperchase is the place to be!

  3. great tips, listening to music always puts me in a good mood!

    xx danielle // shades of danielle // bloglovin

  4. Well I am feeling very motivated for the week ahead now! 💞


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