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{Adorable} Hair Ties - The New Leading Designer of Hair Accessories

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{Adorable} Hair Ties is the new leading designer of hair accessories, and they're super cute! The founder and designer, Christine, learnt how to hand craft these beautiful elastic ribbon hair ties for her little daughter to match her dresses! {Adorable} Hair Ties source premium quality elastic ribbons in a whole host of colours, prints and finishes in just one size to fit all. The ends of their hair ties are heat sealed to avoid fraying and all are lovingly designed in the UK, and handmade with imported fabrics. Their choice of high knit count and eco-friendly dye makes them the perfect fashion accessory both children and adults!

They even have a custom design service that offers your desired finishing touches - from foil printed logos to special patterns. The hair ties are super gentle on your hair too, ensuring that there is no snagging or pulling.

I'm absolutely in love with their hair ties - they're so cute and pretty. There's so many colours and patterns to choose from too! The hair ties can even double up as pretty bracelets when you want to let your hair down. From pretty pastels to glittery finishes - there's a hair tie for every occasion whether it be worn in your hair or as an accessory on your wrist. I've shot some of my favourite styles on a sunny day at the lovely St James Park in London - let me know what you think!

Photography by Hannah Driscoll
 Later this year Adorable Hair Ties will be launching an {Adorable} KIDS range. 

They run many competitions so be sure to follow them on social media to keep up to date!

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  1. these are really cute! i don't tend to wear my hair up much but i'd like to experiment with new styles :)

    danielle | avec danielle

    1. You definitely should and with these hair ties, a plain pony tail will look so much more exciting! x

  2. Aw these are so cute! Your photos of all their stock looks like a sweetshop :} I've just followed these guys on Instagram before reading this post, so it's nice to now read this and learn that little bit more!


    1. That's amazing Nia, I'm glad you like them!! x

  3. So pretty! I'm so jels of your hair!!!!


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