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Summer Goals 2015

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I tend to have a love hate relationship with summer. I love the warm weather but hate how horrible it makes me feel about myself. Unfortunately I have a few personal issues that get me down every summer - I have hay fever, eczema and a skin condition called Vitiligo. This basically means I lose pigment in my skin which causes white patches. Once I start tanning these patches become very noticeable. You might be familiar with the model Winnie Harlow who also has this condition. Anyway, so all of these things make summer a little bit of a pain for me! But this year I'm setting goals and hoping for my best summer yet! For me it's all about spending time with my friends and ticking some of those 'to do' things off the list. 

Feel confident in my body
As just mentioned, my skin really does get me down every year. I've been back in the gym recently trying to lose a few pounds before I go away, and I'm going to buy a whole new summer wardrobe that I know I will feel confident in, such as dresses and tops with loose long sleeves and culottes. I don't like to show too much body. I like to use a gradual, subtle self tanner to give myself a little bit of colour. Dove is my favourite. I'll have a manicure, a pedicure and make sure my hair is nice every day! 

A family holiday to remember
To celebrate my 21st birthday this month, my family are taking me to the beautiful Isles of Scilly for a whole week. I didn't have a holiday last year so I feel I really deserve a nice long break, and it's certainly going to be one to remember as I'm going to be turning 21 whilst I'm there! The first time I spend my birthday sat on a beach. I really want to make the most of my time away - take long walks, sight-see and most importantly relax! I will be shooting a few outfits whilst I'm there which I'm super excited to share with you all. 

Have the best 21st birthday
For the first time in a while I feel like I have some really close special friends in my life. Over the years I've gained and lost so many friends (I'm one of those people that would rather have no friends than bad friends), but now I feel grateful for the wonderful friends that I have. We'll all be going out in Chelsea to celebrate my 21st birthday and I can't contain my excitement! 

Go to Ibiza
I've never had a girls holiday, let alone a party holiday. Ibiza is one of those places I've always thought about visiting, and I think this year is going to be the year! I definitely don't want to go there just to drink every night, but I do want to experience a boat party and all these things that everyone else my age has done! Sun, friends, parties, pools, cocktails and beaches - come at me asap! 

Go to a festival
I'm almost 21 and have never been to a festival! Something has to change - I'm definitely going to one this year! My first choice would be Wireless, as it's a one day event in London and has some great chart artists performing. I want to dress up like a hippie, wear temporary tattoos and dance all day! Ha! 

Experience a rooftop cinema
London has so many rooftop cinemas and I think it would be so beautiful in the summer. I'd love to go on a date there but let's face it, probs not gonna happen. So failing that I'll go with a group of my girls and take along some Ben & Jerry's and doritos to keep us company! 

There's so many places in the UK I want to see. I'd like to spend one day in Brighton - see the beach and all it has to offer! If you would recommend anywhere in the UK to visit this summer, let me know in the comments! 

Visit London Zoo
I've lived in London for almost 2 years now and never visited London Zoo. I need to see London Zoo. And what better time to go than on a nice sunny day, plus it would be lovely to take a picnic and eat ice cream!

Drink water & lemon
Because it's delicious, healthy and hydrating, plus it gives boring old water a little flavour. If you'd like to know about all of the health benefits of drinking water and lemon, then read this.

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What are your summer goals?


  1. These are such great goals, I'm sure you will achieve them all!

  2. Good luck with your summer goals. I havent been to a rooftop cinema yet really want to. x

    1. Thank you! Aw yes you definitely should! X

  3. That sounds like quite the Summer. Great stuff. Hope you have a great time on your hols. Never been to the Isles of Scilly, but hear they're beautiful x

    1. Yes I've heard it's beautiful too! I'm sure I'll be posting all about it. Thanks Gareth x

    2. I look forward to it :-) x

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

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