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Review | Zoella Tutti Fruity Beauty Range

I haven't tried Zoella's products before and I kind of wanted to see what all the fuss was about. And I have to say whilst a couple of the products I wasn't overly impressed with, there was other products that were the best I've ever used! Just to let you know, a bath bomb is also included in the range but I don't have a bath to review that product unfortunately! So without further ado, here's my review of Zoella's new Tutti Fruity range.

Candy Cream Softening Body Lotion, £5
The first time I applied the body lotion I found it rather sticky, there was no luxurious moisturisation about it. I wore it to bed and my skin still felt sticky the next morning. I found it didn't really smell as fruity as it makes out either. So my first try wasn't very impressive. However for some reason the second time I tried it, I felt less sticky and the fruity smell came out a bit more. I'm someone who suffers with very dry skin so I probably won't make a habit of using it as I feel this product is more about the smell and texture more than anything. It also has little beads of acai and blueberry which can make it feel like a body scrub but these do absorb into the skin once applied.

Foam Sweet Foam Cleansing Shower Gel, £3.50
Anything pink immediately gets my attention! I applied the shower gel after using the body scrub so my skin was nice and smooth. As you're rubbing it in, the solution produces lovely bubbles (hence the name!) so you feel all girly when using it! Although I did enjoy using the product, it doesn't really stand out for me but I would recommend it if you're in need a little girly pamper. 
Let's Spritz Fragranced Body Mist, £8
I love to carry around a body mist when I'm out and about to make me feel instantly refreshed! This body mist is sweet, floral and fresh (3 of my fave scents)! The smell lingers for a while after too which is great as there is nothing worse than not being able to smell it after 2 minutes. The bottle is super cute and again, the mist is pink!! It's small enough to fit in your handbag which is handy, however too big to fit in the cosmetic purse. 
Scrubbing Me Softly Smoothing Body Scrub, £7
Oh my god, literally the BEST body scrub I have ever used!!!! IT smells amaaaazing and my skin felt so luxuriously soft afterwards. I just rubbed it in using my hands (no exfoliating gloves) which didn't irritate my skin making it ideal for sensitive skin. The scrub feels like a paste and rubs in gently and easily. This is my favourite product from the whole range - I will use this to death! 
Kissy Missy Lip Balm, £3
I'm afraid to say that the lip balm was my least favourite of the collection. Firstly I found it difficult to even get my finger in the pot (I guess my long nails didn't help with this and a lip brush would probably come in handy). The balm itself smells a bit cakey - nothing fruity about it. And the colour in the pot is stronger than the colour that appears on your lips. Saying that it still does give a nice subtle candy pink shade. Once applied the colour only lasted about an hour. It was all a bit of a fuss for me so unfortunately I have to say I won't be using this product again.

Cosmetic Coin Purse, £6
It's a cute and girly design but very small and to be honest you can't fit much in it at all. I couldn't even fit my foundation in there! I think it would be nice as a pencil case though. I definitely feel this is a purse designed for Zoella's younger following but I do appreciate that it is very cute!

The Zoella Tutti Fruity range is available now at Superdrug and

Have you tried Zoella's products? If so let me know your thoughts!

Review | AirMotion Hair Brush

I'm not joking when I say this is honestly one of the best hair brushes I've ever used! As about 80% of my hair is dyed, it unfortunately becomes extremely dry and knotty so I'm constantly having to fight with hair brushes. However when I was kindly sent this AirMotion hair brush to try I was sooo happy - I knew it was the end of my hair struggle! 

AirMotion is a new, multi-use hair brush that's been expertly developed by industry experts who understand the factors that contribute to daily stress and strain upon your hair. It is developed to reduce daily wear and tear on your hair by using superlite materials. 

Here's some fun facts for you about the brush and why it is so bloomin' fantastic:
- Unique Tri-Bristle technology combines 3 different lengths and diameters of bristle providing ultimate penetration for any hair type. No hair is left untouched, gliding through your hair leaving it smooth, detangled & stress free
- Air Shock absorption technology reduces strain, making it super gentle and reduces breakage
- The Tri-Bristle formation actually helps to smooth and straighten hair, helping to remove frizz
- The rubber handle makes it suitable to take to the pool, gym or use in the shower
- It has been invented by global hair artist, industry expert and UK inventor Grange Snell
- It has a 100% quality assured test rating (and they can add me to that list!)
- The brush comes in 2 colours - classic white or pretty pink!
- All the bristles are hand polished to be kind to the scalp
- Left and right handed people can use!

Every girl seriously needs this hair brush in their lives, it'll take all your hair stress away and leave you with knot-free, smooth and glossy locks! 

£11.95, available online at

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